Womens fragrances Sydney Melbourne Brisbane for the best discounts

Womens fragrances Sydney Melbourne Brisbane for the best discounts

There is limited information about the compounds used in perfumes and fragrances. Before purchasing fragrances check to see if they contain any potentially hazardous chemicals of which many aren’t listed on the package. Researchers have been conducting studies on perfumes to find out what chemicals they contain and have found most fragrances contain an average of fourteen or more chemicals that have not been listed on labels and that have been associated with allergic reactions such as asthma, headaches and wheezing. Four compounds have also been noted to disrupt the hormone system as well as a chemical that can damage male sperm such as diethyl phthalate. It is not a FDA requirement to list compounds on fragrance labels.

Some of the most popular fragrances are not necessarily the latest ones, as there are literally thousands of different options available, and many women prefer to buy the latest new womens fragrances Brisbane Sydney Melbourne range each season. Year after year many women prefer to use the cult classics and the current most popular fragrances are Calvin Klein’s Eternity, Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, Ralph Hot perfume, Burberry Brit for Women, Ralph Lauren Blue for Women, Caroline Herrera’s 212 Sexy for Women and Intuition for Women by Estee Lauder to name a few which are readily available in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. However, the labeling legislation historically has protected the manufacturers from listing the chemicals in their fragrances for the purpose of preventing their competitors copying their signature. This legislation makes it difficult for consumers to what the fragrance contains, and many spend hundred of dollars on a fragrance only to find that they are allergic to the fragrance. Only the word fragrance or perfume is noted on the label, and this does not only apply to Australia but countries worldwide, whereby manufacturers are exempted from listing the individual perfume ingredients. Studies have shown that chemicals used in fragrances have proved harmful to lab animals. The Australian NICNAS intervenes if an adverse reaction to a fragrance is reported, and required the product be tested and the chemical removed by the manufacturer.

NICNAS does not conduct the testing, and majority of the three thousand or more chemicals used in fragrances in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Australia have been used for many decades without repercussions and all new chemicals that are introduced into fragrances are tested, which is standard procedure, which means that fragrances from Australia do not have to be tested. Consumers should be provided with relevant information regarding fragrance chemical and their potential toxicity, which will ensure the products are safe to use long term.

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