Why You Should Wear Perfume and Cologne

Why You Should Wear Perfume and Cologne

Despite the thousands of perfume and cologne brands sold across the world, fueling a billion dollar industry that has lasted for millennia, there is still a significant percentage of men and women who chose to not wear a fragrance of any sort.

While they may be content with wearing deodorant, and they will in fact be passable, they won’t ever smell spectacular, letting down eager noses everywhere. It’s almost unbelievable that one of our most powerful senses is so regularly ignored save for complaining about gas station toilets, old garbage, and gym rats who haven’t showered.

Perhaps if we all made a little effort to smell pleasant, our noses wouldn’t be so horribly undervalued. Of course, besides simply satisfying our poor, neglected noses, wearing perfume and cologne can be very advantageous to your social position and mental health.

A significant portion of women like the smell of cologne for men, and a significant portion of men like the smell of perfume for women. This means that by wearing a pleasant scent, you may instantly gain favor from the opposite sex. Sure it isn’t a love potion by any means, but it does help break down barriers. If a person finds your scent pleasant to be around, and associates that scent with you, then you are helping to enhance your image in that person’s mind. Most of these processes are subconscious, as well, due to the very nature of memory and smell, meaning that you can work your magic without fear of being discovered.

On a similar note, people who wear proper perfume and cologne are typically seen as more confident or professional, depending on the setting. If you have been wanting to ask your boss for a raise, or your secret crush for a date, than wearing perfume or cologne might be beneficial in attempting to reach your goals. Whether the scent itself makes the person project confidence, or the fact that they are wearing a favorite fragrance makes them project confidence, these effects have been seen numerous times during various trials.

Further, by wearing a perfume or cologne, you are simply making the world a more interesting place. While some may argue that it’s unnatural, perfume and cologne has been around for thousands of years. Nothing could be more natural to humans. We wore fragrances to please our noses before we even considered creating corrective lenses to fix poor vision.

Indeed, in our ancestor’s eyes, there were more important things to take care of first. And, while I’m not suggesting you create a cloud of scent around yourself for the benefit of the entire neighborhood, you should certainly enhance your own personal scent with the help of a well-chosen fragrance.

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