Why guys are going crazy for 'solid' cologne

Why guys are going crazy for 'solid' cologne
Solid cologne is a fast growing alternative to traditional spray cologne. It's portable, natural, moisturizing and inexpensive. Mindy Yang, Vice President and Curator of MiN New York, explains how to apply and when to wear it. Solid cologne is the …
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The Best New All-Natural Colognes
"We backpack in the mountains, stick our noses in the trees, and when we smell something true to the place, we distill it right there on the trail," says Hall Newbegin, founder of Juniper Ridge, a wild-fragrance company in Berkeley, California. Because …
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Men's sense of smell just stinks
Eventually, thanks to powerful hormones, guys reach a point where it dawns on them there are worse things in life than willingly standing next to a person of the opposite sex. Scientists refer to this as the "Cologne Stage" of a man's development …
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