White Diamond Perfume for Fashion Savvy People

White Diamond Perfume for Fashion Savvy People

Since ancient times perfume has been playing an important role in our lives.Perfumes made from various ingredients and flavors bears 40% fragrance oils. These reflect the style statement of the wearer and are available for differrent occasions. The word perfume has been derived from latin words, namely- “Per” meaning through and “Fume” meaning smoke. With the availability various perfume brands in the ,market, people have lots of perfume options to choose for.

Georgio Armani’s Acqua di Gio for women is one of the favorite fragrances of modern women. Available at reasonable prices, these can be availed from both the online and retail store. It carries contemporary and soothing fragrance and is recommended for daily wear. The collection enhances the persona and attitude of the wearer. It truly captivates the senses and makes one feel good. Its top notes, middle notes and base notes lasts for a long time and gra\bs complements from the recipients.

The entire line of designer perfumes Jean Nate, cK, Christian Dior, Gucci, Escada, Acqua di Gio, Eternity and Davidoff, etc., are loved by fashion savvy people. These are offered at market leading prices and suits the taste of the wearer. Such designer or branded perfumes potentially adds to the overall personality of the wearer. Launched in 1991 by the design house of Elizabeth Taylor, White Diamond Perfume is labeled as a flowery fragrance. This perfume collection bears feminine fragrance with a blend of rose, oak moss, lily, amber and sandalwood. Besides, fashion conscius and discrete men opt for Davidoff Cool Water for men. Its masculine fragrance lasts for long hours of the day. The range of Cool Water was launched in 1965 by Zino Davidoff. It is one of the most popular fragrances by the designer. Additionally Cool Water for women is also one of the best selling collection of Davidoff. Loved by modern women, it bears feminine fragrance with a sharp and flowery essence.

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