Eau du parfum are the strongest smelling among all the men’s perfumes around. It contains as much as 14% of natural extracts and fragrance oils. Those in the Eau de Toilette are lighter smelling…
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Top 10 Best Colognes for Men 2015 Best fragrance for men 2015 Best Perfume for men 2015.
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34 thoughts on “TOP 3 MEN’S PERFUME REVIEW”

  1. could one of url recomend a strong perfume which would last long for a guy
    who sweats alot and lives in a country where there is no winter 🙂 its
    fucking hot over here please

  2. 1Million Paco Rabbane is going to the club and smelling like other 50
    dudes! smelling like a lollipop…

  3. If you have to choose Dior, choose Homme Intense….. Farenheit isn’t a
    distinctive or attractive fragrance any more!

  4. Good list, Blue De Chanel is in my top 10 favorite colognes as well, but
    Aventus is king. Nothing smells like it. Creed fragrances in general are
    top tier across the board, they’re pricey but you get exactly what you pay
    for. Also props for the Tom Ford’s making the list, they are also top

  5. Richard Head should use good napkin with sweet scent to wipe out the shit
    from his asshole.

  6. my top five for me:
    1. dolce & gabbana light blue
    2. bvlgari extreme
    3. davidoff coolwater
    4. clinique happy
    5. aspen by koten

  7. The No1 Is Carolina Herrera CH Men ….you can wear for suit, work, date…
    Bleu de Chanel Edt. is not so strong, very nice smell but for me not
    the best…

  8. black orchid is str8 Nast. Smells exactly like the dried shit stuck to my
    assholes hairs. It’s bad

  9. Im in love with (Terre D’Hermes) so great, it should be in 2nd Place after
    Blue by Channel, Other great perfume is (Artisian Aqua By Jhon Varvatos)
    you guys should try them.

  10. Out of this list, forget about 2014, my new all time favourite is Terry
    D’Hermes. I love powerful sweet perfumes & this one is just that – strong,
    long lasting, marries well with my acidity. What makes this perfume is the
    ingredient vetiver. Some other perfumes also comprise vetiver, but none
    are potent as Terry D’Hermes. 

  11. Shid I blind bought tom ford black orchid, I don’t get what some people are
    talking about, I sprayed it on me I had to wash that crap off me, I had
    someone else to spray it on them so I could test the smell, that shit still
    smell bad 

  12. Top 5 For Me.
    1.D&G The One
    2.Yves Sait Laurent La Nuit De L’homme
    3.Versace Pour Homme
    4.Diesel Fuel For life
    5.Bleu De Chanel

  13. Chrome I found to be very generic and strong. The only good thing about the
    cologne is that it comes with a nice free watch xD!

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