Tips to relieve migraine pain, stop headache early

Tips to relieve migraine pain, stop headache early
As it turns out, migraine, which many researchers believe is a genetic disorder, is much more common than most people realize, affecting more than 10% of women — with women suffering up to three times more often than men, according to the Migraine …
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Decorating with mirrors: how to reflect your best look
As a stage: Any time you want to amplify what's already pretty, a mirror is your answer. Placed in the middle of the dining table, a mirror can serve as the base for your centerpiece of candles, greenery or flowers and magnifying the effect. Setting …

Epic fail last night: Wrigley Field restrooms
There's probably a formula restroom engineers use to calculate needed capacity — something involving beer consumption, bladder size, men vs. women, with a multiple used to estimate peak capacity around the third inning or so — but it sounds like the …
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