Tips to Choose the Perfect Mens Cologne For Every Occasion

Tips to Choose the Perfect Mens Cologne For Every Occasion
Some say different varieties of mens cologne should be worn during various occasions. Right? Wrong. Men cologne products are meant for one thing, and one thing only: To make lasting impressions with an overall impact that your friends, family and colleagues can remember as “you”. Here are some tips to surely choose the right mens cologne for you and your personality:

Tip 1. List down your most admirable traits and characteristics as a person. Are you spontaneous, fun and exciting? Are you serious, no-nonsense and all business? Are you driven and motivated for success? Are you funny, laidback and easy going? Once you know your personality, list down the scents and fragrances which you can easily associate with your traits. Also ask your friends and colleagues about their ideas. Hey, everyone’s unique, so everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, especially when it comes to scents and fragrances. Remember to weigh their opinions and keep in mind their advice when buying cologne for men. Hold on, hold on, don’t go gung-ho and buy the first mens cologne in your list at this point. The tip below will compliment this nicely. Read on.

Tip 2. Identify your preferencess when it comes to clothes, fashion, food, travel and music. Jazz and blues? Pop? Clubbing and late night parties? Rock? Hanging out at the beach? Elegant dinner parties at 5-star gourmet restaurants? Classics? Knowing these things will further help you choose the right mens cologne. At this point, the tip below will instantly give you an idea about the perfect cologne for you.

Tip 3. List down your daily activities at work and outside the office. Do you regularly hit the gym? Do you spend late nights chatting with your colleagues at the office? Does your profession require you to talk to a lot of people in person at conference rooms and private offices? The right mens cologne is something that would fit your regular activities in and out of the office.

Tip 4. What’s your ride? Huh? Yeah, a man’s ride can reflect the person’s personality, preferences, interests, hobbies and goals in life. Weigh everything discussed above and add this to the equation. You’ll surely make the right buying decision for the mens cologne that’s perfect for you with these tips.

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