The History Of Perfume For Ladies And Its Current Popularity

The History Of Perfume For Ladies And Its Current Popularity
When it comes to perfume for ladies, since ancient times it has been very popular for women to wear and men to give to women. Even before the current fashions and fancy bottles of fragrances for women that are found in fine department stores and online, women still loved to experiment with different scents many years ago. Wearing the scents made them feel more self-confidence and of course, wowed the opposite sex.

The first type of perfume for ladies was used more than 4000 years ago and was used in the form of incense by the Mesopotamians. They soaked the incense, which was resin in water and oils and then rubbed the liquid on their bodies. They also used perfumes during the very long ancient embalming process, but this was used for both men and women at the time.

During the latter part of the 19th century is when fragrances for women became more popular as advances in mixing different fragrances together created beautiful smells. In addition, the perfumes began be mixed with ethyl alcohol as well several essentials oils. The alcohol helped to dry it on contact so that the skin did not remain oily when the fragrance was applied.

When speaking of perfume for ladies, it should be noted that the perfume itself is made with roughly 22 percent essential oils and therefore, is the most expensive form of fragrances. There are many cheaper forms of fragrances for women, such as the Eau de Toilette, which typically only has about 8 to 15 percent essential oils and the cheapest is the Eau de Cologne, which has approximately four percent essential oils.

The more essential oils that are used in the making of the perfume for ladies, the longer is lasts on the skin, the more natural it smells, and the more costly it is to purchase. Many of the pure perfumes are only sold in very fine department stores because of their value, whereas the cheaper Eau de Cologne can be found at your local drugstore and very inexpensive.

Ladies that love to wear various fragrances for women have found that while one fragrance may smell very good on them, it may not on someone else. This is due to everyone having unique body chemistry, and some notes in the perfume will blend well with the natural smell of a woman’s skin. Therefore, when men purchase perfume for their wives, girlfriends, or mothers, you would do well to ask them what their favorite scents are so that you buy one that she will wear.

Fragrances and essential oils used to make perfume for ladies has been around since ancient times because just like the women today, the sweet smell of oils is something they want to put on their skin to make themselves feel better and be more appealing to others. Today, the perfume industry is estimated to rack in sales of over $ 10 billion dollars, as most women have more than just one fragrance that they wear.

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