The best black tie scents of all time

The best black tie scents of all time
If you're a convert to the current trend for sweeter men's fragrances, Valentino Uomo should be your go-to. Nutty and rich, it's the hints of chocolate, coffee, leather and cedar that really set this apart – and the new all-black bottle of the 2015 …

A Stylishly Secretive Store for Design-Obsessed Men in Los Angeles
It could also be called perfume, though with a conceptual twist. Created by the French artist Unglee, who is known for constructing fictions about his life, the perfume is named Tulipe Bleue and is said to be made from the blue tulip, a flower that …
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Why Men Can Wear Floral Fragrances Too
“All men's fragrances have florals in them,” says Eric Weiser, co-owner of Twisted Lily, a boutique in Brooklyn. “They just don't always advertise them.” Weiser estimates that 95 percent of his stock is unisex and has noticed an uptick in the …
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