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World's Most DANGEROUS Beyblade? (slow motion) PART 1

If you enjoyed this, be sure to watch the newer video. Water balloon, grapes, spaghetti, and more!-

Filmed with 2 Casio EXF1 Pro high speed cameras at 600 and 1200 frames per second, we can see how NASTY this Beyblade is, slicing away at various objects. It actually gives me the chills to think what this would do to one’s hand. So please do not try to duplicate these stunts! Also note that one blade broke off, and could have easily put out an eye.
This top was spinning around 3000 RPM –
Music by ELSE

World's first Sephora airport shops open with DFS in Abu Dhabi

World's first Sephora airport shops open with DFS in Abu Dhabi
The addition of France's leading cosmetics and perfume chain follows the opening of the airport's Emporio Armani boutique and the extension of T3's Burberry shop. Sephora, which is owned by leading luxury goods group Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy …
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Man guilty of selling counterfeit Chanel and Emporio Armani perfumes
… Armani men's aftershave being counterfeit. Suffolk Trading Standards made a test purchase of a Chanel Allure ladies perfume via the website www.dreamstorage.net. The perfume was sent to the trademark holder who confirmed the product was counterfeit.
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Schiaparelli, Armani, Valli, Versace go pink in Paris
The house even has a perfume called Shocking. It was surprising, though, to see Giorgio Armani reference Schiaparelli's signature colour and “Shocking” in the invitation to his Prive collection. It was equally startling to find clothes fluffy soft, his …
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