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Crafting Perfumes & Aromatherapy Fragrances Using the Mensing Rosette Color Wheel

Crafting Perfumes & Aromatherapy Fragrances Using the Mensing Rosette Color Wheel

The Mensing color wheel is a combination of colors in which potential customers are asked to choose what color combinations are their “most favorite” or “least favorite”. By observation of the color combinations “not liked” chosen by the customer the aromatherapist or perfumer will not use certain fragrances such as “spicy”, “woodsy”, “floral” etc. to craft a desirable fragrance product. The “dislike color factor” eliminates 85% of fragrances used in crafting potpourris, soaps, bath salts, perfumes because the color not liked coincide with fragrances not liked.

Once the “not liked” fragrances are determined then the aromatherapist or perfumer can look at the color combinations chosen as “most liked” and begin crafting desirable fragrances by layering the fragrance combinations for the most desirable scents the customer has shown they will enjoy.

The basic knowledge of fragrances liked and disliked allows multiple products to be developed for the customer depending on the time of day, activity, and other personal factors. Soaps might have higher concentrations of a “fruity” fragrance since that fragrance is stimulating to the customer and the soap is used in the morning shower. The aromatherapist will layer the soap with a higher concentration of the fruity fragrances and use those as the “top notes” of the soap. “Top note” meaning the essential oils released first as the product is used. Essential oil is the oil derived from the herb not to be confused with fragrance oils which are generally oil based synthetic products.

If the customer applies a facial cream or oil then the aromatherapist would layer this product using less fruity fragrance and more “floral” as that is released slower during the day but must last longer since the cream is to last for hours.

It’s the combination of desirable oils in specific products that can enhance the customers’ lifestyle through fragrances most appealing to the customer.

Bob Johnson is founder of HerbFest. http://www.herbfest.net, and former Board member of the International Herb Association.

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Using Women?s fragrances and perfumes correctly

Using Women?s fragrances and perfumes correctly

Generally when women use perfume for the first time they may find it difficult to find a fragrance that suits their personality. In some instances it helps to know how to wear perfume correctly in order to help you decide. Here are a few steps that will guide you to choosing and wearing perfume properly. To give you a few examples here are some tips for people that suffer from allergies to certain perfumes and that there are certain spots where one should apply their perfume.

These spots are located behind the ears, the inner wrists, inner parts of the elbows, the collar bones and on the neck. So the next time you use your favourite womens fragrances and perfumes remember that these are the spots where you need to apply your perfume. However, do not apply the perfume to all these spots, as you will end apply too much. The Coco Channel expert advises that perfume should be applied to the areas where you are likely to be kissed. Tests have also shown that a fragrance that has been applied to oily skin lasts a lot longer. If you have dry skin, then you should apply some cream to those specific areas before applying perfume. During the summer months, a fragrance is far more intense, so one should apply less as a general rule. Avoid spraying on too much perfume in order to make the fragrance last longer. The fragrance can become overpowering, and will often annoy others around you. Perfumes should be kept away from the light in order for them to last longer. Perfume should not be applied directly onto silk or cotton as it can leave a stain. When it comes to people that have allergic reactions to perfume. To check for allergies to a specific one you need to spray a small amount of perfume on your inner wrist and wait for a few minutes to see if you develop a rash or skin irritation from the chemicals.

If you are fortunate to not have any allergies, then you should spray the perfume directly onto your skin before getting dressed, to avoid getting stains on any of your clothing. Most perfumes only last for around four hours, although certain brands last a lot longer. Cheap perfumes lose their fragrance a lot quicker as opposed to designer counterparts, and you will probably end up using more of the cheaper ones at any rate.

George Lockwood is a author on the subject of beauty products. Also, he has a particular interest in womens fragrances and perfumes, fashion and style. On behalf of several web sites owners he spends most of his time writing contents for beauty products for beauty review in return.

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