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Atopic Dermatitis: Bath time with atopic skin | Mustela

It is bath time, but for parents, it is not always obvious how to manage with a child who has atopic prone skin. What is the right temperature? Which products should be used? Julie, an experienced mother of a daughter with atopic skin, responds to these basic questions and shares her tips and tricks on how to give a bath to children with atopic skin. Among others, she adds some bath oil from Mustela to soften the hard water.

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Mustela provides expert skincare products for infants, babies, children, mothers and mothers-to-be. To protect and preserve the health of fragile skin, our cleansing, bath and skincare products consist of natural, high-tolerance ingredients with a pleasant aroma – for a safe skincare routine and moments of sharing, pleasure and emotion.
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Oi gente! Mamãe Aprova vai ser um novo quadro do canal como foi dito no vídeo, no qual irei fazer resenhas de produtos que utilizo em mim e na Linda para ajudar vocês mamães a escolherem os melhores produtos sempre!
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Mustela 9 Mois Vergetures Double Action – Creme 150ml

Creme anti estrias para prevenção e redução das primeiras estrias. Só de pensar que a gravidez pode vir acompanhada de estrias, já dá vontade de montar um arsenal contra elas junto com o enxoval do bebê.
Com o creme anti estrias Mustela, você não precisa se munir de tantas armas, porque ele tem dupla ação: hidratação profunda para manter a elasticidade e deixar essas marcas indesejáveis bem longe e estimula na renovação celular, que regenera as áreas afetadas pelas primeiras estrias.

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Bath Time Routine for Babies with Eczema Prone Skin | Mustela

Babies are born with different skin types and therefore require specific care. Lean how to bathe and replenish your baby’s eczema-prone skin with Mustela. http://bit.ly/2oxiVr1
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La zone du siège est une zone délicate chez le bébé car sa barrière cutanée est encore immature jusqu’à l’âge de 2 ans. Les agressions répétées de l’urine et des selles peuvent provoquer rougeurs et douleurs. Aussi, dès que la couche est souillée, la toilette du siège doit être faite minutieusement avec un produit adapté. L’eau seule n’est pas suffisante pour nettoyer complètement les urines et les selles qui contiennent des microbes à l’origine des rougeurs. À l’aide d’un coton imbibé d’une eau nettoyante sans rinçage à haute tolérance cutanée, commencez le nettoyage toujours du plus propre au plus sale, donc de l’avant vers l’arrière en insistant sur les plis des deux côtés. Si les selles remontent jusqu’en bas du dos, levez les jambes sans trop soulever le bassin aux risques de régurgitations. Si besoin, privilégiez une position sur le côté. Tamponnez et séchez au niveau des plis et du siège, s’il y a des rougeurs, prolongez le temps de séchage en laissant ses fesses à l’air libre. Si le bébé est un garçon, bien nettoyer à partir du prépuce en descendant sous les bourses et bien insister entre les bourses et l’anus. Pour une texture plus onctueuse, prendre le lait de toilette, le liniment, ou des lingettes pour plus de praticité. Après la toilette, il est indispensable d’appliquer à chaque change, la Crème change 1 2 3 qui prévient, soulage et répare les rougeurs. Efficace en toutes circonstances y compris en cas de diarrhées et poussées dentaires, elle est particulièrement bien tolérée et facile à appliquer. Étalez une couche épaisse et uniforme qui recouvre bien les fesses du bébé. Une toilette minutieuse et l’application d’une crème à chaque change sont les deux étapes clés pour protéger le bébé des irritations.

All 11 Disney Princess gathering for the first time for Merida’s coronation at Walt Disney World

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In honor of Merida’s coronation ceremony on May 11, 2013, the entire Disney Princess Royal court of now 11 princesses gathered in front of Cinderella Castle – Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, Mulan, Pocahontas, Tiana, and Rapunzel. Queen Elinor, Merida’s mom, also made a first-ever appearance.

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The Best Selling Women’s Scents Of All Time

The Best Selling Women’s Scents Of All Time

Men love French fragrances. It is no wonder that the women’s fragrance industry worldwide makes around 10 billion dollars each and every year. It’s well known that French fragrances have been around for a very long time. This is due to the fact that women like to smell nice, and hence women’s fragrance manufacturers always try to come up with fragrances that will appeal to the masses.

Through the past several decades, several kinds of fragrances have been let loose on the market with mixed results. All of them seemed to smell good, however there are only some that remain on the market long term to become classic scents, used by a large number of women, and endorsed by many of the most famous women on the planet.

Tastes in women’s French fragrances are different for everybody. Some folks like a strong fragrance and some like a subtle one. Despite this fact, the tastes for perfumes always have a point where everyone’s tastes agree and complement each other. This fact remains irrespective of price and ultimately leads us to the enduring perfumes. People, both past and present, never tire of them. So without further ado, here are several of the top fragrances for women of all time.

Chanel No. 5 – This truly famous fragrance was created by Chanel in 1921. One of the most memorable celebrities who claimed to love this perfume so much was none other than Ms. Marilyn Monroe. In an interview she said she wouldn’t wear any other women’s fragrance to bed but Chanel’s No. 5. This classic perfume has remained popular throughout the years not only because stars endorsed it, but because its classic scent and staying power makes it a hit and it remains so right through to today.

L’heure Bleu – This timeless little number was created long before other women’s perfumes were created. Its name means ‘the blue hour’. As one of the oldest, this women’s French fragrance has a sweet fragrance that creates its wonderful scent, making it perfect for both young and old.

Creed Tuberose Indiana – This classic was initially created in 1981 and until now a vast number of women including celebrities can be seen wearing it. This women’s fragrance’s citrus scent creates a sexy feeling and is loved by Goldie Hawn and others.

Bulgary Pour Femme – It is one of the most original scents of Bulgari which was created in 1995. This women’s perfume is perfect for a free spirited young lass. Its scent is comprised of a subtle blend of orange blossom and violet. This women’s perfume has a floral bouquet which is loved by Lisa Kudrow and others.

Christian Dior Eau de Dolce Vita – This floral and happy scent was created by Christian Dior. Known to everyone, particularly celebrities such as Charlize Theron, this fragrance, released in 1998, creates an intense scent of femininity.

The choice of your own perfume is a personal choice. You should pick one that smells good to you. The women’s fragrances mentioned above are simply a guide to help you pick your own great fragrance.

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It feels good to smell good all the time

It feels good to smell good all the time

Scent is one of our most powerful senses. The right scent can trigger pleasant memories or the wrong one will repulse until nausea. So, it is just natural for us to want to smell good, whether it is for us to impress or to feel confident. For that reason, women’s fragrances and perfumes has become like an art. The history of perfumery is a history as old as that of human civilization. The ancient Egyptians were the first to be famous for this art of mixing scents to apply to the body, mostly to attract a partner.

We have come a long way since the ancient Egyptian civilization, but perfumery is still practiced close to how it was back in those days. In ancient times perfumes were more oil-based, as it still is in Arabic and Indian countries, but the Western world of perfumery has moved more towards using alcohol-based colognes that are sprayed onto the body in a fine mist.

Modern women’s fragrances and perfumes truly have become objects of art. First off, the mixing of scents to find the perfect blend is like the mixing of colours on a palette to find the perfect shade. It takes years of study and practice to develop a nose sensitive enough to know and feel the right combinations of scents and to develop a new perfume that will be loved by the market. For that reason, customers have come to trust certain brands that they associate with a certain type of scent, like Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs or Armani. Perfume has become more than a way to make yourself smell nice. It has become a fashion accessory.

Because many perfumes are associated with fashion designers or celebrities, the packaging of the perfume has become almost as important a part as the scent itself. The shapes and sizes of bottles are pieces of art on their own, and designers like Jean Paul Gaultier has a whole range of perfumes in a signature bottle shape. For some women, the label of clothes that they wear matches the label of perfume on their bedroom dresser.

Because of all the research and development going into perfumery, and because of the sleek design of the packaging, women’s fragrances and perfumes are often expensive. It is best to try a few scents in the shop and see which one smells the best on your skin before you commit to buying a bottle. Of course, some women love perfume so much that they have a whole range and they can change their scent as their mood changes from day to day.

George Lockwood is an author on the subject of women’s fragrances and perfumes. Also, he has a particular interest in fashion and style. On behalf of several web sites owners he spends most of his time writing contents for web publication for priceline.com.au.

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