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Fragrances For Him: Top Seven Gift Picks

Fragrances For Him: Top Seven Gift Picks

What are men without their fragrance? A woman gets turned on the most by the way a man smells! So what if you do not belong to the tall, dark and handsome category, a super smelling perfume might just do the trick.

There are various different brands available in the market stalls, which live up to their name as far as the fragrance goes. Choose from among a wide range of perfumes from the list below, which are sure to make heads turns where ever you go.

Top Titillations For Your Senses:

HM by Hanae Mori: this fragrance is a perfect balance of flowers and chocolate. It caters to both your smell and taste. It combines the likes of jasmine, lavender, lemon, chocolate, and vanilla to produce a long lasting effect.
Black Code: this perfume is a product of Giorgio Armani. It is known for its oriental smell. This soft smelling fragrance is ideal for daily wear. The main components are bergamot, lemon, Guaiac wood, Tonka bean, aromatic Mediterranean scents.
L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme: this scent is for the people who prefer strong long-lasting effects. The chief components include cypress, tangerine, verbena, yuzu zest, clary sage, coriander, nutmeg, blue water lily, saffron, geranium bourbon, sandalwood, musk, vetiver, amber tobacco, and cinnamon bark.
John Varvatos: this fragrance compliments the winter weather. It has an amazing dry-down effect. The key components include tamarind leaves, coriander seed templar, clary sage, medjool date fruit, Indian ajowan, leather essence, auramber.
Aqva Pour Homme: this fragrance is a product of Bvlgari, the components of this perfume contains petit grain, mandarin, santolina, mineral amber, posidonia.
Hugo By Hugo Boss: this perfume gets mmixed reviews about its fragrance. It has a strong pine smell. The components include pine needle, green apple, spearmint, jasmine, cedar leaves, sage, lavender, and, clove buds.
Clean Men: the name says it all. This fragrance is for men who wants to smell clean and fresh whole day long. The ingredients include English lavender, clove, ruby red grapefruit, olibanum, patchouli, musk, and, wild raspberry.

These fragrances are the best gift you can buy for yourself. For more details and options refer gift buying guide.




Cheryl Ross is a renowned author who writes articles and editorials on numerous gift resources. In this article she has provided the readers with a unique gift buying option. She has listed top seven fragrances for men which will make an ideal gift item. Please visit this blog www.clickintogiftideas.com/

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