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Best Disney Songs Playlist 2019 – Kids Music 2019 (Animated Movies Soundtrack)

Walt Disney World Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure
5 parks in 5 days, condensed into 25 minutes of film.

Includes Magic Kingdom (0:00), Animal Kingdom (5:47), Epcot (12:13), Hollywood Studios (15:27) as well as Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios (19:00). Finally, some clips from our hotel, Art of Animation Resort (23:43).

The footage is from February 2013 using a regular Sony Handycam and GoPro Hero2, in High Definition. It was edited in Pinnacle. The text is in Swedish. For a complete list of the soundtrack see the last 10 seconds of the film…

This video was made for my family but has over 100,000 views on Youtube. Thanks for all your likes and comments… 😉

For a more recent visit to Universal / Islands of Adventure, see the following film from October 2015