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Magic Kingdom 2015 Tour and Overview | Walt Disney World

Take a tour around the seven themed lands of the Magic Kingdom.

The construction going on in front of Cinderella Castle is the hub area being expanded. The areas in front of the Plaza Restaurant and Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, as well as the area in front of Casey’s Corner and The Crystal Palace are now open. Construction will be complete later this year.

Located at the Walt Disney World resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida (just outside of Orlando).

Filmed in March 2015.

Watch in HD (1080p) for best quality.

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Magic of Disney Waterslide Nail Decals – 50PC Reviews

Magic of Disney Waterslide Nail Decals – 50PC

Magic of Disney Waterslide Nail Decals - 50PC

  • Waterslide Nail Decal
  • Nail Designs in Less than a Minute
  • Works with Regular Nail Polish, Gel or Acrylic
  • Easy to Use

Use these nail art designs to top finish off your outfit! These nail decals will look great with any color nailpolish, however these are printed on clear decal paper, and will look best on white or clear polish. Please note that the colors shown in white in the printed decal will show through the actual color of your nailpolish. Includes complete instructions on how to apply these decals. A clear topcoat will be needed to seal the decals afterwards. Decals will last up to 10 days after applicati

List Price: $ 4.00

Price: $ 4.19

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The Power and Magic of Perfume

The Power and Magic of Perfume

There is nothing more indulgent, fabulous or magical than a dab of fine perfume on the wrist and neck. All the women who adore their favorite scents can relate to the remarkable feeling that we all get from the fragrance of our favorite perfume. What is about perfume that is so magical?

Most scientists and researchers agree that the sense of smell is quite a mystery, but it does evoke immense psychological, emotional and physical effects, as quoted by Dr. D. McKenzie from Study of Smells:

“Of all the senses, none surely is so mysterious as that of smell . . . the nature of the emanations that stir it to activity is still unknown . . . its effects upon the psyche are both wide and deep, at once obvious and subtle.”

While every woman has her favorite scent, all of us can agree on the fact that whichever perfume we choose, it makes us feel, special, pampered, sensual and complete. Whether its a light day scent for work, or a sultry and sexy nighttime fragrance, it really completes us in every way.

Perfume has the magic ability to announce our presence and leave a trace of us behind long after we are gone. It is amazingly personal as the same brand of perfume can smell very different on every woman. Even though it is expensive, most of us who love it will make every effort to buy at least one little bottle. It makes a great gift that any woman will appreciate, because it so special to so many of us.

Throughout civilization perfume has held a sacred place from the ancient Egyptians to modern times, it has been used in religious ceremonies, in festivals, healing, cosmetic reasons and of course as a requisite in preparation to making love. And, from the 19th century on, when perfume makers began to commercially manufacture and market their magical scents, it’s popularity has been immense and today there are over 30,000 designer perfumes and scents and they are widely used by all demographics of women, as opposed to history when they were reserved for the wealthy upper classes.

For those of us who love perfume it is the final and finishing touch to getting ready. We look forward to that moment that we open that bottle and dab that fragrant potion on our neck and wrists. Its mystic scent flows with us and follows us wherever we go. It is the one indulgence that is completely frivolous, pampering and that we do just because we love it.

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