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Perfume Collection 6: Burberry Fragrances

Burberry My Burberry
Burberry Body
Burberry Brit
Burberry Touch
Burberry Weekend
Burberry Woman
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Ralph Lauren Fragrances

Ralph Lauren Fragrances

There are so many different perfumes out there on the market today. The majority have different smells that they like the most. However a few of these smells can turn others off. Men and lady have specific smells that are used for their sex and other smells like fruit punch are employed in children’s products. There are perfumes that do a lot more than simply make you smell good, they can also make you feel great too. Fragrances can do important things for your skin’s health as well . It is important to recollect to think about scents that are in your products when you’re purchasing skin care items on the market.

You have to know that not all of the perfumes are great for your body. If you’ve got any skin conditions or delicate skin, you might need to get products that are not scented.

The majority of the fragrances are not organic. Flowers, fruits, and many others that we smell in our regular lives will usually not be strong enough or will lose their odour fast when they are mingled with other stuff. That’s why chemicals are used to provide the smells that you love and know like lilac, pine, and vanilla. These are chemicals that are not going to be dangerous to the skin usually, but you want to observe out, and check the label for the ingredients that are going to cause allergic displays in your body.

Perfumes can actually help you to feel better. This is what aromatherapy is all about. This is a kind of healing and defensive type of medicine. This strategy is known as alternative and the patient will smell different smells to help them to handle the medical issues. Some of the acupuncturists, massage specialists, and other executives will use the aromatherapy for their practices.

Mint is claimed to be something that may energize you so that you can wake up in the morning. There are relaxing smells similar to lavender and this could help you fall asleep when you are using it at night.

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The Most Sought after Women Celebrity Fragrances of the Year

The Most Sought after Women Celebrity Fragrances of the Year

The Most Sought after Women Celebrity Fragrances of the Year

It’s that time of the year again and there are so many new fragrances from women celebrity that came out just for this year alone. I compiled these lists from sales and reviews of women celebrities’ fragrances; they are all ranging from early day to late night use. There is over 10 women celebrity fragrances featured in this article and I have included one of the most popular designer fragrances for this year.
You can use this article to help you decide on which of these perfumes to purchase for treating yourself or just simply giving that special gift for someone. Now, in the business world this information could be valuable to you or your company as it calls to enjoy for lucrative offer, which is coined with glittering lifestyle and luxury. If you are a promoter of fragrances or perfumes, I would include these celebrities’ fragrances into marketing or ads. If you have your own business or online business, adding these celebrity perfumes to a display or the main index page of your site, “home page” will help.
It’s an haute market for fragrances but in present scenario the most sought after women celebrity fragrances are:

Beyonce Heat Ultimate Elixir Fragrance
A must have if you liked the original Beyoncé Heat. The description for Beyoncé Heat Ultimate Elixir has turned up the glamour with the Beyoncé Heat, an opulent and intoxicating twist on the original scent. Indulge yourself with this warm and sultry fragrance that captures the essence of some of the world’s most sensuous and rare flowers. The notes for Beyonce Heat Ultimate Elixir fragrance are the same for Beyonce Heat but stronger. The top notes are vanilla orchid, magnolia, neroli and peach. The mid notes for this fragrance are honeysuckle, almond and musky cream. The base notes have sequoia wood, Tonka Bean and amber. I would recommend wearing Beyonce Heat Ultimate Elixir in the early evening into the night.

Britney Spears Radiance Fragrance
It appeals to wide variety of women in all age groups. The description for Britney Spears Radiance is luscious berry and dewy petals unfold to reveal a radiant heart of luminous pure white flowers, lit from within by the glow of precious amber, wood and sexy musk. The top notes for Britney Spears Radiance are wild red berry and dewy petals. The mid notes have a pleasing African orange flower, iris, jasmine and white tuberose. The base notes for Britney Spears Radiance ends with amber, cashmere wood, and musk. You would wear Britney Spears Radiance mainly in the day though the afternoon into the early evening.

Fergie Outspoken Fragrance
Has a wonderful unique scent. The description for Fergie Outspoken is Uninhibited, Feminine, Floral and Exclusively for Avon! Outspoken is for the woman who needs no introduction. With her fearless confidence, she lets her true personality shine through. True to herself and her beliefs…she is Outspoken. Sexy, Fearless, and Unexpected. An outrageously bold expression of iced berry shockingly contrasted with ultra-feminine tuberose absolute and racy black leather. The top notes start with frozen black currant, star fruit and wild saffron. The mid notes of Fergie Outspoken have an appealing scent of jasmine and passionflower and tuberose. The base notes are ebony wood, leather and vetiver. I would advise wearing Fergie Outspoken fragrance in the early evening to late night.

Halle Berry Pure Orchid Fragrance
Has a sweet and soft scent of orchid. Halle Berry Pure Orchid’s description is sexy, seductive and playful. Pure Orchid has an exotic quality that you can wear from day to night. Pure Orchid is a floral woody fragrance expressing each woman’s unique intrigue and sensuality. Floral luminous and complex, the scent of Masdevallia Orchid changes throughout the day, becoming spicier, sexier. Halle Berry Pure Orchid has amazing top notes of Italian lemons, jungle cactus flower, and papaya nectar fizz. The mid notes are blackberry crème concentre and Masdevallia orchid. The base note consists of giant sequoia, patchouli leaf, and Tonka Bean. I would suggest wearing Halle Berry Pure Orchid during day to early evening.

Jennifer Lopez Love & Glamour Fragrance
Has a glorious and clean scent. The description for Jennifer Lopez Love & Glamour is The drama, excitement and beauty that define Jennifer Lopez are captured in fragrance and presented to you with Love and Glamour by Jennifer Lopez. The enjoyable top notes for Jennifer Lopez Love & Glamour are Italian Mandarin, Guava, and Nectarine Pulp. The mid notes are Coconut Orchid, Jasmine Petals, Orange Flower Absolute, and Water lily. The base notes finish with Amber, Musk, and Sandalwood. I would propose wearing Jennifer Lopez Love & Glamour during the day.

Katy Perry Purr Fragrance
Light sweet fruity scent. Katy Perry Purr’s description is Purr by Katy Perry eau de perfume begins with the aroma of peach nectar and forbidden apple, evolves with a distinct floral bouquet of jasmine blossom, Bulgarian rose and vanilla orchid, and slowly reveals accents of creamy sandalwood and musk. Like the singer herself, Purr is playful yet sophisticated. Katy Perry transcends barriers with her music and so does her new fragrance. Katy Perry Purr’s top notes have a mouthwatering peach and forbidden apple scents with gardenia and green bamboo scents. The mid notes are Bulgarian rose, jasmine, and pink freesia. The base notes have a coconut, vanilla orchid, musk, creamy sandalwood and white amber scents. I would mention wearing Katy Perry Purr during the day mainly.

Kate Spade Twirl Fragrance
Has a more of a floral smell. The description of Kate Spade Twirl is we’ve infused our celebratory new fragrance with a dash of joie de vivre- perfect for colorful days and cocktail soirees. Our roller ball is specially designed to be slipped into your tote (and then on into your clutch) for a touch of twirl while you’re out about town. Kate Spade Twirl has top notes of red currant and pink watermelon mingles with blackberry. The mid notes are orange blossom, star jasmine, magnolia and tiare flower. Kate Spade Twirl has French macaroon and musk. I would recommend wearing this during the day.

Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Fragrances
The collection is described as Lollipop Bling is a candy inspired collection of three fun fragrances embodying Mariah Carey’s fun loving personality. Each fragrance is bright, sparkling and multifaceted with its own signature spin.
Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Honey Fragrance description is an irresistible fragrance combining a touch of honey and pineapple, creating a bright and sunny fragrance. Fun, fabulous and irresistible. Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Honey top notes are passion fruit, pineapple juice, lemon drops. The mid notes come in with Amazon lily, fresh ginger, and white freesia. The base notes are frosted musk, linden flowers, and honey. I suggest wearing Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Honey in the day.
Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Ribbon Fragrance description is a mouthwatering fragrance inspired by the flavor of the blue raspberry Ring Pop and combined with a beautiful floral bouquet. Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Ribbon top notes start with raspberries, honeydew, and cucumber pulp. The mid notes are hydrangea, blue lotus, and jasmine dew. Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Ribbon’s base ends with liquid muck, white woods, and sugar crystals. I suggest wearing Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Ribbon during the day.
Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Mine Again Fragrance is description is a combination of chocolate raspberry and magnolia to create an addictive fragrance. The top notes of Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Mine Again are red currants, blood orange, and heliotrope. The mid notes are raspberry chocolate, magnolia. The Base notes of Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Mine Again are creamy musk, Tonka beans, and vanilla. i suggesting wearing Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Mine Again in the early evening into the night.

Mary J. Blige My Life Fragrance
Has a more of a sweet floral Tuberose smell. Mary J. Blige My Life has a description of rock your inner diva with a perfect medley of fruit, woods and floras. A blend of femininity, confidence and strength, this celebrity fragrance spray is very sexy. Mary J. Blige My Life fragrance top notes open with Gardenia petals, Bartlett pear and white freesia. The mid notes are Tuberose, jasmine, golden lily and apricot blossom. The base notes of Mary J. Blige My Life are Cashmere woods, praline, sesame and incense. Mary J. Blige My Life fragrance is a versatile scent that can be worn any time.

Paris Hilton Tease Fragrance
Has an icy jolt of light floras and apples. The description for Paris Hilton Tease is Paris is channeling that eternal glamour for the launch of her latest fragrance Tease, inspired by her fascination with Marilyn Monroe and old Hollywood glamour. A playful, contemporar, and chypre floral with only a hint of fruit for the seductress side of the modern girl. Wearing this for a night out on the town feels all out glam, like Monroe singing “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” in hot pink satin; but with a surprisingly sophisticated, ultra-feminine feel. For attention loving divas only! Paris Hilton Tease has top notes of apple, Bergamot, White Peach, and Sea Accord. The mid notes are Frangipani Flower, Jasmine, and Tuberose. Paris Hilton Tease has base notes of amber, Blond Woods, and Sand Accord. Wearing Paris Hilton Tease is recommended during the day to early evening.

Shakira S Fragrance
Has a fresh breath of woods and vanilla smell. The description of Shakira S is inspired by Shakira’s search for happiness, bliss and well-being. S by Shakira introduces us to Shakira’s most intimate side: a fragrance for women who, like Shakira, are enchanted by their dreams. An extremely seductive and addictive blend that reflects Shakira’s mixed origins and explores her more delicate side. Three simple accords come together, each representing three facets of Shakira. Together they form her essence. The top notes of Shakira S are jasmine and white flowers. The mid note is Sandalwood. The base notes for Shakira S are amber and vanilla. I would propose wearing Shakira S during the afternoon to early evening.

Sarah Jessica Parker SJP NYC Fragrance
Has a fruity and floral scent. SJP NYC Sarah Jessica Parker has a description of a new scent of style and a total celebration of fashion and fragrance. A deliciously addictive and colorful fruity floral built around a vivacious wild strawberry accord with a cocktail of feminine floral and creamy sensual undertones. The top notes of SJP NYC Sarah Jessica Parker are Italian Mandarin, White Osmanthus, and wild red strawberry. The mid tones are Gardenia, Honeysuckle, Mimosa, and Red Rose. The base notes for SJP NYC Sarah Jessica Parker are musk, sandalwood, rum, and vanilla. I would suggest wearing SJP NYC Sarah Jessica Parker during the day into late afternoon.

There are many other women celebrity fragrances that I didn’t mention in this article that are very pleasing. As I stated earlier, this list is based on sales and reviews of the celebrities’ fragrances. Nevertheless, in my opinion there are no top fragrances because it all depends on the lifestyle your living and your own personal opinion. The next fragrance is a designer fragrance is one of the most popular this year. I would encourage all women to try this exotic scent.

Gucci Guilty Fragrance
Has a sexy and modern smell. Gucci Guilty has a description about the feeling that you can attain whatever you want. It is about pushing your personal boundaries and experiencing the thrill of the forbidden. Without compromise, Gucci Guilty is a statement about who you are. With the richness of amber and the fresh femininity of lilac, the fragrance speaks to the bold. It awakens the senses with a daring edge of sexiness and sensuality that is Gucci. Gucci Guilty top notes open with mandarin and pink pepper. The mid notes come in with peach, lilac, and geranium. Gucci Guilty has base notes of Amber, and patchouli. I would recommend wearing Gucci Guilty during late afternoon and all night.

I am the write of the book Perfume Homemade Ecstasy. I also write a blog called Perfume Homemade Ecstasy. It is at http://perfumehomemadeecstasy.com/ Please feel free to stop by.

Exclusive Fragrances Suitable for the Holidays

Exclusive Fragrances Suitable for the Holidays

The atmosphere is cold and preparations are already evident. Stores around the block are gearing up for their holiday sales and discounts. And everyone is excited for sure. It is of no question that Christmas is just days away. Perhaps there are many things that you already planned out during these times. And there are countless tasks to complete like buying gifts, preparing food and holiday reunions. Despite the diverse range of tasks you should not forget to smell good all the time. And what better way but to have exclusive fragrances that are perfect for the holidays.

The holidays are clear manifestation of thanksgiving and gathering. Thus, you need to smell in the same manner as well. Your guests and your friends must be able to feel the warmth of the season even with your scent. It would be better then to find fragrances that fit such a purpose.

To date, there are countless and many women fragrances available in the market under the umbrella of popular brands. It would be suggested to always check if the scent is perfect for your personality and use. Thus, here are some unique scents that are considered today’s top holiday picks.

Pick # 1: Holiday Giorgio perfume. This is an exclusive line from Giorgio Beverly Hills and was launched back in 1998. This fragrance is categorized as striking but sweet. This is really perfect for women because it contains mixtures from different flowers. To name a few it has lime, gardenia, rose, lilac, lily of the valley and mimosa.

Pick #2: CK In2U Holiday Perfume. Developed under the popular umbrella of Calvin Klein, this is the perfume that exudes seductiveness and satisfaction. This is a concoction of luscious fruits and floral scents like pink grapefruit, tart red currant leaves, white cactus nectar, cactus sugar and sugar orchid. Neon amber is also included and vanilla souffl that will make your holiday warm.

Pick #3: Avon Tahitian Holiday. With its bright blue colored bottle it would remind anyone of a holiday spent in the sea. It is not a heavy scented perfume making it suitable for casual gatherings. A hint of coconut smell exudes upon its first spray followed by little ginger scents and floral jasmine.

Pick # 4: Clinique Happy Holiday Perfume. This is a collection from the trusted Clinique Happy collection. Its scent has a touch of citrus with a rich combination of flowers. This will surely be appreciated by the millions of Clinique followers. With the mixture of different backgrounds, your holiday will be truly gay and lively.

These are some of the perfumes and scents that are timely come Christmas season. Thus, in order to welcome the holidays with that perfect scent, better have some of these in your pockets. Besides buying gifts, better buy these perfumes as a fantastic gift for yourself.

Need an in-depth knowledge on the newest perfumes in the market? Click on Exclusive Fragrances where we can give you more details about it.

Bath & Body Bar Soap Tea Tree & Calendula Thick Lather & Amazing Scents No Chemical Perfumes, Fragrances, Sulfates, or Parabens THREE (3) 3.75 OZ BARS) Reviews

Bath & Body Bar Soap Tea Tree & Calendula Thick Lather & Amazing Scents No Chemical Perfumes, Fragrances, Sulfates, or Parabens THREE (3) 3.75 OZ BARS)

Bath & Body Bar Soap Tea Tree & Calendula Thick Lather & Amazing Scents No Chemical Perfumes, Fragrances, Sulfates, or Parabens THREE (3) 3.75 OZ BARS)

  • Perfect Body HarmonyTM Super Lathering Bath & Bar Soaps Made With Certified Organic Ingredients!
  • Enjoy Luxury Bathing With Organic Soaps!
  • Certified Organic By Oregon Tilth!
  • Tea Tree & Calendula oils are known to help kill bacteria that causes acne and calendula is known to help with volatile skin.

List Price: $ 45.00

Price: $ 23.99

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Primal Pit Paste All Natural Deodorant Stick, Aluminum Free, Paraben Free, No Added Fragrances, Jacked Up Jasmine Stick

Primal Pit Paste All Natural Deodorant Stick, Aluminum Free, Paraben Free, No Added Fragrances, Jacked Up Jasmine Stick

Primal Pit Paste All Natural Deodorant Stick, Aluminum Free, Paraben Free, No Added Fragrances, Jacked Up Jasmine Stick

  • CONVENIENT STICK – Beeswax added to our Pit Paste allows us to offer Primal Pit Paste Sticks!
  • ALL NATURAL – made from organic and natural ingredients with NO aluminum, NO parabens, NO toxic chemicals & NO GMOs
  • WORKS ALL DAY – Baking soda neutralizes the bacteria that causes odor, organic arrowroot powder helps you feel dry
  • HANDCRAFTED, Made in the USA, 2 ounces per stick
  • NATURALLY scented, a fresh, soft bouquet of springtime, with top notes of sweet jasmine and gardenia

Primal Pit Paste Stick dries up your sweat and neutralizes your body odor — so you can always pass a hug test. Finally, you’ve found an all natural deodorant that actually works! What’s In It? – Baking soda neutralizes the bacteria that causes odor. Organic arrowroot powder helps you to feel dry while allowing you to still sweat and release toxins. These powders are mixed with anti-microbial organic coconut oil and organic shea butter to soothe your skin. Your Pit Paste Stick uses beeswax to o

List Price: $ 12.95

Price: $ 12.85

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Crafting Perfumes & Aromatherapy Fragrances Using the Mensing Rosette Color Wheel

Crafting Perfumes & Aromatherapy Fragrances Using the Mensing Rosette Color Wheel

The Mensing color wheel is a combination of colors in which potential customers are asked to choose what color combinations are their “most favorite” or “least favorite”. By observation of the color combinations “not liked” chosen by the customer the aromatherapist or perfumer will not use certain fragrances such as “spicy”, “woodsy”, “floral” etc. to craft a desirable fragrance product. The “dislike color factor” eliminates 85% of fragrances used in crafting potpourris, soaps, bath salts, perfumes because the color not liked coincide with fragrances not liked.

Once the “not liked” fragrances are determined then the aromatherapist or perfumer can look at the color combinations chosen as “most liked” and begin crafting desirable fragrances by layering the fragrance combinations for the most desirable scents the customer has shown they will enjoy.

The basic knowledge of fragrances liked and disliked allows multiple products to be developed for the customer depending on the time of day, activity, and other personal factors. Soaps might have higher concentrations of a “fruity” fragrance since that fragrance is stimulating to the customer and the soap is used in the morning shower. The aromatherapist will layer the soap with a higher concentration of the fruity fragrances and use those as the “top notes” of the soap. “Top note” meaning the essential oils released first as the product is used. Essential oil is the oil derived from the herb not to be confused with fragrance oils which are generally oil based synthetic products.

If the customer applies a facial cream or oil then the aromatherapist would layer this product using less fruity fragrance and more “floral” as that is released slower during the day but must last longer since the cream is to last for hours.

It’s the combination of desirable oils in specific products that can enhance the customers’ lifestyle through fragrances most appealing to the customer.

Bob Johnson is founder of HerbFest. http://www.herbfest.net, and former Board member of the International Herb Association.

More information is available on the Mensing Rosette Colour wheel at

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Fragrances For Him: Top Seven Gift Picks

Fragrances For Him: Top Seven Gift Picks

What are men without their fragrance? A woman gets turned on the most by the way a man smells! So what if you do not belong to the tall, dark and handsome category, a super smelling perfume might just do the trick.

There are various different brands available in the market stalls, which live up to their name as far as the fragrance goes. Choose from among a wide range of perfumes from the list below, which are sure to make heads turns where ever you go.

Top Titillations For Your Senses:

HM by Hanae Mori: this fragrance is a perfect balance of flowers and chocolate. It caters to both your smell and taste. It combines the likes of jasmine, lavender, lemon, chocolate, and vanilla to produce a long lasting effect.
Black Code: this perfume is a product of Giorgio Armani. It is known for its oriental smell. This soft smelling fragrance is ideal for daily wear. The main components are bergamot, lemon, Guaiac wood, Tonka bean, aromatic Mediterranean scents.
L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme: this scent is for the people who prefer strong long-lasting effects. The chief components include cypress, tangerine, verbena, yuzu zest, clary sage, coriander, nutmeg, blue water lily, saffron, geranium bourbon, sandalwood, musk, vetiver, amber tobacco, and cinnamon bark.
John Varvatos: this fragrance compliments the winter weather. It has an amazing dry-down effect. The key components include tamarind leaves, coriander seed templar, clary sage, medjool date fruit, Indian ajowan, leather essence, auramber.
Aqva Pour Homme: this fragrance is a product of Bvlgari, the components of this perfume contains petit grain, mandarin, santolina, mineral amber, posidonia.
Hugo By Hugo Boss: this perfume gets mmixed reviews about its fragrance. It has a strong pine smell. The components include pine needle, green apple, spearmint, jasmine, cedar leaves, sage, lavender, and, clove buds.
Clean Men: the name says it all. This fragrance is for men who wants to smell clean and fresh whole day long. The ingredients include English lavender, clove, ruby red grapefruit, olibanum, patchouli, musk, and, wild raspberry.

These fragrances are the best gift you can buy for yourself. For more details and options refer gift buying guide.




Cheryl Ross is a renowned author who writes articles and editorials on numerous gift resources. In this article she has provided the readers with a unique gift buying option. She has listed top seven fragrances for men which will make an ideal gift item. Please visit this blog www.clickintogiftideas.com/

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Why Are The Notes In Perfumes And Fragrances Important?

Why Are The Notes In Perfumes And Fragrances Important?
Many people have no idea that perfumes and fragrances are made by a combination of notes that create the final product. There are top notes, middle notes, and then the base notes. If you have ever smelled perfume fragrances from a bottle, you know that it will smell different when you put it on your skin. Likewise, once the perfume has evaporated from your skin, then the notes in the scent begin to take on a different smell.

Perhaps you have heard someone say that she wears floral perfumes and fragrances well, but what they mean is the notes they smell once the perfume has been on her skin for about an hour or so. What do the notes mean exactly? The top note is what you smell when you take a whiff of the perfume fragrances from the bottle, which is the smell the manufacturer wants to be the dominate scent.

The middle notes are what make you wear the fragrance well or not because you smell this when the perfume has been on you 30 to 60 minutes, it is the balanced part of the perfumes and fragrances. You notice that after you have had it on your skin for this amount of time, it does not smell as strong and the top notes dies down during this time and then you have a banquet of the various scents.

Lastly, there are base notes, which are basically keeping the perfumes and fragrances all together. The base notes are responsible for holding the middle and top notes together when you apply the fragrance. The base note is also a dominate smell since it is the smell that gives the perfume its uniqueness after being worn for a while.

Choosing perfume fragrances can be difficult since the top note will hang around on your skin very dominantly for about 20 minutes and most people do not hang around at the store so they can smell the middle notes or base notes. The middle notes on the other hand, will last on your skin for up to six hours; therefore, you should have an idea of what oils and ingredients that makes up the perfume. Obviously, if you do not like floral, you would not want to buy a bottle that has its middle notes of flower essential oils.

The base notes, depending on the quality of the perfumes and fragrances can stay on your skin for up to 24 hours. Cheaper fragrances typically wear off long before this. The smells of perfume fragrances that appeal to you will depend upon many aspects, such as where you were born, the fragrances you grew up smelling, the people you associate certain smells with, and your association of a particular smell to a memory.

Welcome to Perfume Scents, inside you will discover an amazing selection of low priced and excellent quality perfumes and fragrances.

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