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World's Most DANGEROUS Beyblade? (slow motion) PART 1

If you enjoyed this, be sure to watch the newer video. Water balloon, grapes, spaghetti, and more!-

Filmed with 2 Casio EXF1 Pro high speed cameras at 600 and 1200 frames per second, we can see how NASTY this Beyblade is, slicing away at various objects. It actually gives me the chills to think what this would do to one’s hand. So please do not try to duplicate these stunts! Also note that one blade broke off, and could have easily put out an eye.
This top was spinning around 3000 RPM –
Music by ELSE

(Hasbro) Beyblade Burst BATTLE!! Kerbeus K2 vs Valtryek V2

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I use very simple video equipment.
Camera: Sony Handycam PJ340 + iPhone 5s
Tripod: Sunpack 5858D
Video editor: Sony Vegas Movie Studio Suite 13.0
Lights: JEBSENS Z2 7w LED desk lamps x3
Backdrop: White

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Leo Burst – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJguMmCAiVGO_i5mDfzMh6Q

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Thanks to AudioPad and CHUKImusic for providing royalty-free music!
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Beyblade DELUXE GOLD SET Unboxing & Review (Sonokong Top Blade) – Beyblade Plastic Generation

Beyblade DELUXE GOLD SET Unboxing & Review (Sonokong Top Blade) - Beyblade Plastic Generation

Here’s an unboxing of some classic plastic generation beys! This time we have the Deluxe Gold Set by Sonokong (Top Blade) which gives us Dragoon, Draciel, Driger and Dranzer in a limited edition gold paint job. The set comes with all the accessories needed to battle it out in one package which was very nice. The downside we had with this set was with the overall quality. We spent a lot of time putting together the beys because a lot of the parts wouldn’t fit together perfectly. Our Driger ended up not being functional because the attack ring wouldn’t lock in properly! Overall a decent set to buy if your parts all fit!

Let us know what you want to see us unbox or battle next!

Bladebreakers VS Team GanGan Galaxy:


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Beyblade Battle Royal Galaxy Pegasus vs Earth Eagle vs Flame Libra vs Ray Striker!

Hey guys it’s me 1234beyblade! Today i have an epic 4-Way Beyblade Battle Royal for you guys between Earth Eagle, Flame Libra, Galaxy Pegasus, and Ray Striker! The battle will be in the Bolt Blast Beystadium! Hope you enjoy!

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