Perfume and the Reasons Behind Our Choices

Perfume and the Reasons Behind Our Choices

Dating back to the times of both the Mesopotanian and Egyptian civilisations, ladies have used the power of perfume to seduce the senses. You will know from practical experience that when you wear an exceptional scent, you will get kind words from admirers of how you smell and which designer perfume brand you are wearing. This, if nothing else, can be a good ice beaker at starting a conversation leading onto something more.

But did you know that some scientific studies have demonstrated that the power of a scent can make a longer lasting impression? If you think about it for a while you will realise that many people will keep their partners t-shirt unlaundered whilst he is away so that his scent remains. Likewise, if you have had a bad experience with a man who wears a particular cologne, you are likely, possibly subconsciously, transfer those emotions to another person who wears the same fragrance.

Many plant, mineral and animal extracts in perfumes to some extent mimic naturally occurring pheromones and this plays an important factor in the response you will receive from the opposite sex. The power of pheromones are frequently overlooked because they tend to act on a subconscious level, however they have great power to draw potential mates.

Given the range of contemporary perfumes there are on the market today it can be a hard decision choosing which designer brand to go for. A quick browse through one on-line perfume suppliers website revealed over 160 brands that were available ranging from Agent Provocateur through to Yves Saint Laurant. Unfortunately the way the fragrance reacts with each individuals skin is different, so what smelt nice on your friend will not necessarily smell nice on you.

However, perfumes can be divided into two broad categories, those that are appropriate for the day and those which are suitable for going out in the evening. You will find that perfumes suitable for day time wear tend to be more subtle than those for use in, for example, a nightclub. Consequently it is useful to have a selection available on your cosmetics shelf so that you always have something suitable for your intended destination. Then you can find perfumes that reflect your personality and personal tastes. Take time to discover to establish what you prefer, you might want to go for something with a subtle citrus base, which may indicate you are playful, young and possible, dare I say it, flirty.

Perfume can also be seasonal and also depend on the climate. You will find the scent which have base notes of musk or woody aromas are more suitable to the winter time when it is cooler. Floral notes in the perfume tend to be associated with the summer or hotter climates. However feel free to experiment, you might make mistakes but on the other hand you might find something exceptionally suitable to you and stand out from the crowd.

When buying perfumes you should also realise that many of the cheap perfume brands don’t have staying power. In other words you will find yourself frequently having to reapply the scent throughout the day or the evening. You might not have a problem with carrying a bottle of perfume around with you but the alternative is to use a slightly more expensive perfume and be assured that it will not fade as rapidly. Some of the top designer perfumes can go a whole day with just a small dab to the wrists or to the neck. This is because the actual fragrance in the product is more concentrated.

Regardless of the fact of the effectiveness of using perfume to attract members of the opposite sex, what it does do rather well is to boost ones self confidence. A simple application of our favourite scent and we feel sexy and in control. That simple boost in confidence can make an amazing difference. Our whole attitude changes and we feel able to go out and present ourselves with confidence in our favourite club.

In the UK women spend billions of pounds on the cosmetic and perfume industry for all these reasons and a few other besides. Why not make a fun date with female friends and go to smell samples at your local perfume counter, or alternatively find some real cheap perfume bargains on-line.

Extrascents is an example of a UK based online perfume store retailing cheap perfume for women and for men a range of cheap aftershave from a large range of celebrity endorsed fragrances.

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