Perfect 10/10 Fragrances/Colognes for Men

Hi Guys – This video features the fragrance from my own collection that I rate 10/10. I have owned and still own a large amount of fragrances, so there have been many to choose from which means…

25 thoughts on “Perfect 10/10 Fragrances/Colognes for Men”

  1. +Jason Sheldon, it’s opinions that make this hobby so much fun, but check
    reviews on YT, Fragrantica, Basenotes and Parfumo and they all strongly
    disagree with you!!

  2. Dude do you know any Fragrances that the smell can stay on you body really
    long , smell fresh and strong, and have a average price around 50$ – thx 

  3. Here’s five from my 10/10 list: Bond No. 9 New Haarlem, Creed Aventus,
    Parfums de Marly Herod, Dior Fahrenheit, Xerjoff 1861

  4. I just yesterday fell completely in love with Dior Homme, I am so glad I
    watched your review in time to put it on my “to sniff” list. I knew you had
    great taste because Fahrenheit “WAS” my signature fragrance. I can’t wait
    to try Creed I.t. and Gucci pour homme 2. Thanks for the great video, keep
    up the great work!

  5. hello :)) i live in Singapore which is (unfortunately) summer all year
    round. Which fragances do you recommend for a 16 year old guy? cheers ✌

  6. Thanks for sharing your list bro. Some of these I still need to review.
    Green Irish Tweed is one of the absolute best for sure.

  7. Dior fahrenheit dry down = Heaven! A couple of sprays of fahrenheit on my
    leather jacket and that thing has me smelling like GOD for days…

  8. Great video. Very informative. No BS. I’ve just done a quick google on
    Diore Homme and seems you can get a perfume version called “Intense”. Have
    you any experience comparing this version to the EDT? Many thanks 

  9. Greg, caught a whiff of Dior Homme, you’re right, absolute perfection. hsrd
    to describe, but for me feels “uplifting”, almost ” meditative and serene
    but uplifting st the same time . i will buy it soon! ..

  10. This is kinda off topic, but there’s this person i know, very distant. He
    uses this typeof fragrance that just is amazing. It’s sweet and refreshing.
    It reminds me of a new car scent in a plane. Usually when I go into a plane
    there’s always this scent that’s just so mesmerizing but I can’t quite get
    it. Do you know any fragrances that match that? Also, what’s the sweetest
    fragrance out of all in this video in your opinion?

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