New Perfume Arrivals for High Street Perfumes

New Perfume Arrivals for High Street Perfumes

The new arrivals for High Street Perfumes are here. From a variety of companies and designers, these delicious fragrances are for both men and women. Even the bottles these perfumes come in are sleek and sexy. The fragrances can be bought online, and there’s free shipping for Australian customers of this Australian owned store.

What Makes Perfumes

Creating a wonderful perfume is an art form that can be as complicated as any undertaking in a sophisticated chem lab. The perfumer has to find those scents that play well together and avoid those that don’t, and the distillation of scent from ingredients like flowers, wood and fruit can be daunting. Some describe perfume as a pyramid, with base notes, middle notes and top notes. Ephemeral top notes, or head notes, are what are smelled right away when the perfume is put on. Middle and bottom notes are perceived gradually, linger over time and provide depth and richness.

New Arrivals for For Men

Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million is a sensuous, citrusy fragrance that has top notes of mint and blood mandarin orange, perfect for the outdoorsy type of man. The fragrance begins at $ 75.00 Australian dollars. The middle notes and base notes include lush combinations of rose, cinnamon, Tonka bean, patchouli, white wood, bark, blond leather and amber ketal. Amber ketal, or amberketal, is a pale golden, alcohol soluble liquid often used in place of amber. It blends well with other scents, especially woody ones.

Another fragrance for men is Hugo Boss’ Boss Orange Man, a scent that comes with a recommendation from Orlando Bloom. The notes are described as crisp apple, vanilla, frankincense and the exotic bubinga wood, an evergreen tree of the tropics whose wood is often used for musical instruments. But really, when it comes to perfume, who’s going to argue with the swashbuckling Will Turner? Boss Orange Man sells from AUD $ 74.00.

New Arrivals For Women

One of the new High Street Perfumes for women is Boss Sunset, which is flowery, fresh and fruity, with lovely, brisk marriages of bergamot orange and Mandarin orange, rose, vanilla and sandalwood. Though the 30 ml bottle was out of stock, the 50 and 75 ml bottles can be had, the first starting at AUD $ 77.00 and the latter at AUD $ 99.00. This fragrance comes in a tall, pretty, cut glass bottle, with clear light at the top that deepens to sunset orange at the bottom. It looks like the perfect Tequila Sunrise!

Jennifer Aniston is represented here as well, with a perfume named, naturally, after herself. The bottle is in the shape that recalls a lady’s fan and is reminiscent of those perfume bottles found on Grandma’s vanity tray, but the scent is thoroughly modern and just a bit wild. Imagine notes like night-blooming jasmine, wild violets and Amazon lilies, with middle and base notes of musk, amber and sandalwood. Alas, the 30 ml bottle is out of stock right now, but the 50 ml bottle starts at AUD $ 64.00, and the 85 ml at AUD $ 84.00.

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