Mustela Cleansing Routine

“Impurities that are often invisible accumulate on your baby’s face all day long and can attack her skin, which still has an immature skin barrier. You should cleanse her skin every day using a product specially formulated for fragile skins. To help your baby become accustomed to the procedure, turn it into a ritual, preferably at the same time of day. Using cotton wool moistened with saline solution, start at the outside corner of each eye and clean towards the nose. For the nostrils, take an adult cotton bud dipped in a little saline solution and wipe it gently round the inside of each nostril to moisten any secretions. Then remove these using the dry end of the cotton bud. If your baby is unwell, position her head to one side. Gently squeeze a little saline solution directly into her upper nostril to induce a discharge from her lower nostril. Then repeat with the other nostril. Gently clean baby’s face using a piece of cotton wool soaked in cleansing water with a high skin and eye tolerance, and wipe behind her ears. If there is any ear wax present, wipe away the surplus with cotton wool but never a cotton bud. To clean her neck, lift baby up under the shoulders, then expose to the air until dry. Why not make this a gentle bonding game? When brushing your baby’s hair and to keep her smelling good all day, spray gently scented skin freshener onto her brush or on your hands.”
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