Men’s Fragrances for the Astute Man

Men’s Fragrances for the Astute Man

Men’s fragrances are a much sought after commodity on the market these days. Though many men still think that perfumes and fragrances are the forte of women, a wide variety of men’s fragrances are available for men of all ages. In the earlier days, fragrances were available only for rich and famous, so they were not accessible to the common man. However, in the present times, fragrances are accessible to men and women of all income groups.

Well, most men might deny the fact that they don’t like perfumes and fragrances, but the big secret is out – they just adore fragrances albeit their preferences differ.  Perfumes make men feel elegant and suave. They lend men an air of sophistication and make them look erudite and genuine.

While going in for a men’s perfume, the main goal in your mind should be to purchase one that fits your personality. You might want one that gels with your lifestyle; though buying a perfume that matches your individuality is perhaps a more important aspect initially. As men aspire to climb up the social ladder and impress others around them, the lifestyle aspect becomes more important, and the perfume that you choose at this time talks a lot about your social aspirations.

Perfumes can literally be very expensive if you go in for the top brands like Armani and Christian Dior, but there are cheaper brands that are available if you are considering one for your day-to-day use.  If you are a bit of an introvert, then you may consider buying a mild mannered perfume that doesn’t sound too loud.

However, if you feel that you are outgoing and dashing, then your fragrance should also do a lot of talking about yourself.  There are a few evergreen predominant fragrances available like citrus, musk, and tobacco. These are always the standard types that most men will prefer. However, you can also experiment with a combination of tones such as sandalwood, lavender, oaks, pine, and other flowery varieties.

Some of the scents that are available today can be used by both men and women. These fragrances are called unisex fragrances. However, be sure that you want a unisex fragrance just in case there is a better alternative in a male fragrance available.  Never neglect a personal taste, because you might not like what you buy as an option.

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