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Disney's New Way Of Working That Saved Big Hero 6 And Frozen
There's a scene in Walt Disney Walt Disney's Big Hero 6 movie where Baymax the robot is introduced to robotics prodigy Hiro at an exhibition. Don't remember it? Here's why. It's on the cutting room floor. In its place was spliced a scene where the duo …
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Pinocchio Continues Disney's Live-Action Development List
Pinocchio may finally get his wish to be a real boy—for real this time. EW has learned that Disney is in the early process of developing a live-action film inspired by the classic tale of Pinocchio, which Disney famously made into an animated film in …
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Disney, Apple Arguing Over Channels to be Included in New Streaming
Disney is one of the partners Apple is working with on its upcoming streaming television service, and according to a new report from The Street, Disney and Apple are disagreeing over how many Disney-owned channels will be available in Apple's …
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