Ladies Choice: Best of Five Men’s Fragrances (Frag Bout Series)

This is first of the many Fragrance Bout video series to come. These videos will feature a special guest giving their thoughts on the featured fragrances and pick out the best among them. …

Our resident beauty expert Sali Hughes talks us through men’s fragrances. Her first piece of advice is – never buy cheap perfume. Go to a good quality perfumer, use test strips and, if you’re…

41 thoughts on “Ladies Choice: Best of Five Men’s Fragrances (Frag Bout Series)”

  1. Really enjoyed this video guys. It’s not easy to pick out notes after just
    a few seconds, very impressive!!

  2. Other than being your 500th subscriber….great video. Danielle has a
    fantastic nose for frags! Nice job both of you.

  3. Really enjoyed the video. Great first impression. Wonderful way to truly
    get a ladies honest first impression. Keep up the great work.

    Cheers. . .

  4. i hear the 2014 batches are very fruity, if not more than the 2013 batches,
    and have good performance as well, but less smoky than the 2013 ones. Did
    you find that to be the case?

  5. This is the second time I see her, and I’m stunned by how gorgeous she is,
    again. Very acute nose as well. Keep it up.

  6. Really? JFK wore Creed, Green Irish Tweed which was released in 1985. Do
    you know that John F. Kennedy died in 1963? Hmmm, does not seem to work
    out. Unbelievable.

  7. She has so many annoying ticks like sniffing deeply and smacking her mouth
    like she’s chomping on some Bubbalicious. This is where the American
    valley girl persona originates. Info was good though. Haha!

  8. I think Tom Ford is very particular it smells expensive, but doesn’t do it
    for me. I agree your point on marketed smells. I do love Byredo ‘Sunday
    cologne’ btw.

  9. I’m sorry that cheap scent offends you, Miss Hughes. Most people are
    appreciative of the efforts of others, who make the decision to perfume
    their bodies, rather than appear in public stinking. If all men want to
    wear the same fragrance, that’s up to them.We all tend to wear what we

  10. I trust this lady. She is knowledgeable and has a lot of class. To attack
    her with cheap comment is awful. She is also very beautiful with an
    amazing voice. I hope she does more videos. 

  11. I really really really really really hate cheap make up. Theres no two ways
    about it and this woman is wearing cheap make up.

  12. I used to buy A LOT of expensive cologne that went for over $250 but now I
    go for anything over $80 and lower than $ 120. I have other things to
    spend my money on and I practically kept Mr. Creed in business for a while,
    along with the Amouage sultan of Oman. Uh-uh, no way, no more!

  13. 90% of perfumes have synthetic ingredients even designer perfumes like Dior
    and Chanel are mostly synthetic. Raw ingredients has very poor longevity
    thus need to be boosted with stabilisers.

  14. I’d gladly pay 100£ for a good fragrance. Creed Original Santal costs 200£,
    and i don’t mind. I paid about 90£ for each of the fragrances in my Thierry
    Mugler collection. I believe my cheapest bottle is Fahrenheit, 50$ – been
    my signature scent for 20 years.

  15. I very much appreciate the videos geared toward men. Please do more. You
    bring an obvious mastery of the information pertaining to whatever topic
    you are discussing. Thank you.

  16. JFK wore Vetiver not Green Irish Tweed, Prince Charles has worn Green Irish
    Tweed or maybe still wears it

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