Kolkata: Fragrance of Old India

Kolkata: Fragrance of Old India
Kolkata offers variety of travel extravaganza for its different kind of tourist such as: architectural lover, history lover, art connoisseurs and also for the religious tourists. Post modernism and a totally different culture, which attracts tourists worldwide. The journey of Kolkata started from the arrival of the British East India Company in 1690 by Job Charnock tospread his business in Bengal to establish the city. In 1702 British constructed Fort William to station its troops and declared as a presidency city. In 1972 Kolkata was declared as capital city of British India and was also known as the City of Palaces.

The Kolkata is also known as the city of joy because everyone can enjoy here according to their preferences. In winters the city has its unique nice climate and also tourist enjoy this climate as most of their visit to Kolkata is in the month of winters only. This place is also very famous for Honeymoon destination as various places offers different facilities for honeymoon couples and just because of this numerous honeymoon couples love to visit this place.Apart from honeymoon destination Kolkata is also famous for hill stations. Darjeeling is one of the famous tourist destinations because of Kanchenjunga with its lovely scenic landscape and tourist loves to do trekking here.

There are some iconic places without visiting them your tour will be incomplete. Tourists also visit this place to feel the fragrance of old India. Travel Kolkata is a wonderful experience. Some places are Howrah Bridge, Victoria Memorial, National Library, and also there are numerous religious places such as: Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, Belur Math and many more.

Howrah Bridge was built in 1874 over the Hoogli River also known as Rabindra Setu. It got its name Howrah saying that it connects Howrah to Kolkata. It is also known as the busiest bridge in the world. It is cantilever truss bridge standing over two 270 feet high pillars without using nut and bolts. This bridge also acts as an important icon or symbol for Kolkata.

Victoria Memorial is a fabulous museum in Kolkata established in the year 1921. It was designed by the president of the British Institute of Architects Sir William Emerson. All credits goes to him for designing such a beautiful museum.It is a 184 feet tall edifice that was constructed on 64 acres of land. The museum houses a group of mind-blowing figures above the north porch that epitomize prudence, learning and motherhood. This place makes your Kolkata tour unforgettable.

There are many more such types of places, which you can visit and make your trip memorable and also you can learn a lot about the culture, religion and also about the old India during your journey to Kolkata.

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