How To Choose A Perfect Ladies Perfume?

How To Choose A Perfect Ladies Perfume?

First off you need to understand why different scents will appeal to different women and why certain perfumes will be aimed at particular markets. Any quality perfume will use a unique blend of essential oils (Cheap Perfume often use synthetic substitutes that can often result in skin reactions and allergies). An essential oil blend will use real essences derived from plants whereas synthetic reproductions will produce a similar scent, the benefits of the natural ingredients are lost.
So we know that when essential oils are used in the production of perfume they produce a higher quality fragrance, the reason for this is that the essences can stimulate the senses and have a positive effect on the wearer. For example fragrances that include the essences of sandalwood and jasmin are said to have an aphrodisiac quality and perfumes that contain patchouli and rose are said to have calming effects. Because of this and the power essences can have on our bodies, some scents will appeal and others, while they are appealing to one person, they are not necessarily appealing to another.

Another factor that influences the purchase of perfume is personality, perfumes vary wildly from anything between light and floral to musky and heady, a strong scent will not appeal to a woman who does not often wear perfume and a very light scent will not particularly appeal to a woman who wears perfume on a daily basis.

The final factor that influences the purchase of perfume is the hardest when buying for someone else, many fragrances will react differently to different people, so while it may smell great in the bottle, when applied it may react to the skin and the scent can change. Basically some perfumes can smell great on one person and terrible on another, but there is a way to lessen the chance of that happening too.This is actually easier than it appears, many people are afraid to buy perfume for their partner in case they don’t like it or it doesn’t suit them. They are especially worried when buying perfume online because they don’t even have the opportunity to smell the perfume before they buy it but if you follow the guidelines below, whether buying in a store or online you have a much higher chance of getting it right.

How to Pick Ladies Perfume for Your Partner

1.This may seem obvious but firstly you should think about what your partner likes (not perfume wise, if you already know what her favorite perfume is, you don’t need this guide!) I am referring here to her favorite scents, it could be cut grass, the smell of a certain flower or plant or even fruit. As I said earlier most good quality perfumes are made of essences derived from plants, fruits and flowers. If your partner loves roses, buying a rose based perfume is a good place to start looking.
2.Secondly you need to think about her habits, if she wears perfume every day, a very light scent is probably not ideal, the more you wear perfume the less aware you are of it, you get accustomed to it and a very light scent will not appeal overly much.
3.Next you need to look at the perfumes she already owns (if you are looking to buy her a new perfume that she does not already own) Take a look at the bottles, for some strange reason many women will keep the empty bottles of perfume. If she owns a few from a certain designer then keeping with that designer may be the way to go. If she has several bottles that are gathering dust and are relatively full, these can be avoided.
4.If you have a nose for perfume then you can sample the different fragrances and decide if her favored scents are predominantly a particular blend, for example if most are light and fruity or heavy and slightly musky etc. If you cant tell then the easiest way is to google each of the fragrances and find out the notes of each. This way you can determine if the scents that appeal most to her have any essences in common.

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