How To Choose A New Cologne: Selection Tips and Advice

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25 thoughts on “How To Choose A New Cologne: Selection Tips and Advice”

  1. is the best fragrance site. Check it out! Plus do some “top
    10 fragrance” searches on youtube.

  2. I literally done exactly what you’ve just said for the first time ever..
    And found a great new scent.. Expensive but great.. Good advice right
    here.. X

  3. What about the part where you ask your SA for a sample so you can test it
    at home to see how well that Cologne performs on you and with your body
    chemistry. Cause if you’re just buying without testing you might not be
    able the get the best performance out of an untested fragrance? 🙁 Always
    test the fragrance before buying I say. Go make friends with those SAs
    they’ll start giving you the samples. If you’re going to build a nice
    collection of fragrances might be worth getting those samples first!! :)

  4. Do yourselves a HUGE favor: buy online from either Amazon or, and you’ll save a TON of money. Tell those SAs that
    you’re not looking to buy today, but that you’re looking for samples so you
    know what you want for your birthday/christmas/anniversary. That way their
    answers are genuine, and they don’t try pushing a frag on you that they get
    more commission from. Spray a few on sample papers, ask for her/his
    opinion, and then ask for samples from the ones you like. My first choice
    of stores is always Sephora and then Nordstrom. Nordstrom only lets you
    have 3 sample vials per visit, but as far as I know Sephora doesn’t cap how
    many you can take. The downside of Sephora is that they won’t always carry
    the more expensive designer colognes (Tom Ford, Dior, Chanel, etc.), and
    for that reason I’ll check out Nordstrom and see if they have it.

  5. hey alpha you are not a cheap ass. but the prize of colognes is expensive.
    so we all are savvy buyer when it comes to buying it :D

  6. A couple of things to add: Especially if you’re on a budget, get samples
    and take them home! Some colognes take on a very different fragrance after
    they’ve been worn on your skin for awhile. This gives you an opportunity to
    really test drive the fragrance, AND to see how others respond to it on
    you. If you’re torn between a few different scents, getting that “You smell
    great” feedback can really solidify your decision. Also, if you’re dating
    someone you’re really into or in a serious relationship it’s nice to make
    sure your partner isn’t allergic to a repulsed by a particular fragrance.
    This said, if you get overzealous and buy the bottle only to find out later
    that it’s not the fragrance for you, most places (esp. high end department
    stores) will allow you to return it without hassle. So feel free to figure
    out what you LOVE and then you can save on that big bottle.

  7. I use that Bod body spray. I done had wives and husbands tell me I smell
    good right in front of their spouses. No lie.

  8. greggieboy76 can help you out with picking out a new fragrance 😉 **Blatant
    Plug for channel*** Seriously though,cool vid, but your experiences with
    SA’s in department stores must be better than mine.

  9. Look up fragrance videos here on YouTube; “Top 10” videos are great. Then
    go out and try them at a department store :)

  10. If you follow this guy’s advice you’ll end up wearing Le male, or Aqua di
    gio, and smelling like everybody else!

  11. Dont ask the third question for obvious reasons…. The SALES associate is
    there to sell and they’re going to say the most expensive cologne is their

  12. The problem is some of these sales associates will mainly sell you the
    stuff they’re trying to get rid of first..

  13. Favorite Colognes:

    YSL – “L’homme” and “Libre” versions

    Lacoste – Essential

    Issey Miyake – L’Eau D’issey

    Paco Rabanne – 1 Million

    Jean Paul Gaultier – Le Male

    Diesel – Only the brave

  14. Great video and thanks for the advice. I just want to add one more thing
    that I’ve found to make a huge difference in me being happy with my
    purchase a few days later. When you spray the cologne on those strips,
    you’re spraying it on something that doesn’t have any type of initial
    scent. Unfortunately every person has their own scent, which is a
    combination of (hopefully) whatever you shower gel/soap you use, your diet,
    and just your body’s overall chemistry. This is why sometimes after you buy
    a cologne when you leave the store and try it later you’re not as crazy
    about as you were originally and other times you decide it smells even
    better than it did on the strip. So my only other recommendation that I
    would add would be once you find that one that you think you love, spray a
    small amount on your wrist, walk around for 20 min or so, and if you still
    really like it then chances are it’s the right scent for you. 

  15. Certainly many videos out there for cologne selection but this ones the
    best!! Need to say u rule!! Keep up!! 

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