How to Choose 212 Perfume for Women

How to Choose 212 Perfume for Women

Each Carolina Herrera 212 for women perfume has a different fragrance mixture and aroma strength, making each scent unique. There have been many 212 perfumes for women since they came onto the market in 1991.

Women’s taste for perfume is a highly individualized choice. It might be relative to their personality, but it could also depend on the time of day it will be used, the season, or on the woman’s fluctuating mood. When choosing a Carolina Herrera 212 scent, here are some factors to consider:

Personal Psychological Type
When a woman chooses a perfume, her choice might be affected by what her temperament is at the time.

Extrovert: Scents that suit this outward personality are the floral, citrus and fresh types. 212 on Ice for women would be a good choice for this personality type.

Introvert:  Introverted ladies prefer stability and silence, making the Oriental scents a good choice. The classic 212 for women contains Oriental fougère best suited to introverted ladies.

Emotional: These are the ladies who have a strong emotional character, and the romantic aroma of aldehyde flowers suit them best. The 212 Sexy for women conveys a passionate and sensual disposition that is perfect for the emotional gals.

Lifestyle and Occasion
A woman who works in an office during the day might prefer a subtle scent like light musk, or floral and fruity scents that are not too irritating to her or her colleagues. Most of the 212 Carolina Herrera, especially the 212 for women and 212 Splash are recommended for daytime wear.

A women who is adventurous and does a lot of outdoor activities might opt for a cool and fresh aroma like citrus or ocean fragrances. The 212 on Ice is a limited edition Carolina Herrera perfume that contains a strong hint of citrus and mint that gives a refreshing scent.

For freelancers and women who mostly stay at home, a scent that might directly reflect her personality is a tropical or woody fragrance. The 212 Sexy women and the 212 perfume for women are just some of the classical picks for this kind of lifestyle.

Night vixens and women who participate in a  lot of social events might opt for an astounding scent like the 212 VIP for women. This latest edition perfume contains the most exclusive combination of fragrant notes like rum and passion fruit that makes one stand out.

Maturity and age can affect your choice of perfume. The youngsters, teens and young adults might appreciate a perfume that was commercialized by their idol. Women in their early 30s are more likely to choose signature brands, while older women above the age of 40 tend to pick classical aromas as their signature perfume.

212 perfumes are made for women who are in their 20s and 30s, yet this collection is not limited only to that age group. The Carolina Herrera 212 collection offers timeless and classical scents favorable to all ages.

Choosing your 212 perfume might change on a day-to-day basis, but these guidelines can help you decide which perfume will go well with your preferences.

Carson Burnett is a writer who specializes in perfumes and cosmetics. You can check out his website at 212 Perfume, where he provides unbiased reviews and buying advice for a range of perfumes and cosmetics, including 212 Perfume for men, women, and much more.

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