Finding A Special Perfume For Your Special Lady This Christmas

Finding A Special Perfume For Your Special Lady This Christmas
Second only to jewellery and maybe chocolate, perfume is one of the most popular presents to buy for that special lady in your life. If she has an everyday perfume which she loves then the choice is simple, but if you’re not sure what perfume she wears, or want to surprise her with a new fragrance, it’s going to be worthwhile doing some research to ensure you select a fragrance which she is going to love.

Perfumes can be applied for all sorts of reasons. Some people wear it every day and apply it in the morning as part of their routine. Others, however, prefer to use different scents for specific events or functions, and will apply perfume before a night out. Women are known to spend a lot of time and effort on hair and clothes, and no outfit is complete without a scent. An everyday perfume loses its impact, while an arsenal of perfume can provide the choice and flexibility which mean scents can surprise. You wouldn’t wear the same outfit for all occasions, and scents should be used in this way too.

A perfume counter can be a confusing place, with bottle after bottle of scents with ambiguous names. Using testers can even be problematic, as once you have sprayed one scent on your wrist it tends to cut through any subsequent scents you want to test. Also, scents change over time, so smelling them when they first come out of the bottle will often not give you an accurate representation of what the fragrance is like over a whole day for example.

Talking to staff at the perfume counter should help, as they can tell you about the different perfumes on offer, and how their ingredients differ. Many will have scent cards which allow you to go home with scents to test. This is useful as it also allows you to find out what the fragrance is like when it has fully dried, and this is an important consideration for determining the perfume’s most appropriate use.

Walking away with scent testers can be useful, as it means you can see what friends and family think of the fragrances, and whether they are appropriate for your special lady. She will probably have some existing scents which she loves, so you could either look for something similar if you’re looking for a guaranteed win, or something completely different to diversity her selection of scents.

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