Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 14 Anime Review – Illya’s Rage vs Gil フェイト/ステイナイト

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 14フェイト/ステイナイト shows us a different side to Caster along with showing her previous Master. How do you feel about Gil The One…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  2. How to hurt beserker: A rank or higher noble phantasms.
    Gil weaponary: Nearly infinite number of noble phantasms or all ranks,
    including A+.
    I mean…

    Btw it was said by author Beserker did die 2 times in S1, Archer arrow
    killed him but becuz it destroyed his body so fast, he “regenerated”
    equally fast, and thats why he looks full restored after the smoke clears,
    but he did die. So give archer more mana and he can kill beserker from
    downtown, literally.

  3. all i see in these comments is jokes about surgery and hearts, i hate not
    being able to understand the jokes :3

  4. Many things I can say that may be spoiler-ish IF they are doing it similar
    to the original Blade Works. Caster’s reason to change? She fell in love
    with her current master. She wants to get the grail asap so she can revive
    herself like Gil and live happily ever after with her master.

  5. I think Gilgamesh may be my favourite Servant outside Saber and Rider (from
    Fate Zero). Saber is #1 FOR SURE but he definitely ties for second
    place…man he’s BAD ASS! I don’t mind him messing with his Master the way
    he is….if his Master was respectable he wouldn’t be doing that

  6. This is not spoiler so I guess I can explain a little bit of Counter
    Force/Guardian to you.

    Counter Force is a collective consciousness to servive of 2 respective
    beings. First is Gaia, the planet’s intrinsic wish to survive. The other is
    Alaya, the collective unconsicious will of mankind to avoid extinction.

    In order to deal with event that threatening the planet/human race as a
    whole, CF sent their agent call Beast of Gaia and Beast of Alaya to deal
    with such event. Beast of Alaya known in other name as Counter Guardian is
    Alaya agents, who was send when the event that threatened human as a whole
    take place. Archer is an example of CG. On the other hand, Gaia has Beast
    of Gaia to deal with the event that threatened planet.

  7. Live reaction when? Also Live Reactions for the next 2 episodes as well
    just a heads up. I’m happy that Gil mentioned Enkidu, everything else
    was…God dammit Nasu. Dr.Gil’s Afternoon appointment is in session. 7 mins
    were cut from this episode apparently.
    The usual below.
    Yes it is, he works for Alaya’s side of the Counter Force as a Guardian
    since he made a contract with “The World” however Archer was summoned as a
    Servant rather than a Counter Guardian. Counterforce is not working here at
    all but it can start to move if something goes wrong (read Heaven’s Feel).
    Read the legend of the Princess of Colchis Medea, you’ll understand why she
    hates being called a Witch.
    Achilles heel is Achilles not Hercules’ legend, he’s one of the Archers in

  8. I’m beginning to think that archer = future shirou, because:
    1. Shirou’s aim is to become a hero and archer “prevents the human race
    from destroying itself”, so he is essentially a hero
    2. They have both been shown on the hill with swords
    3. They have the same eyebrows

  9. *What Caster does and her motivations were cut so far it has to do with her
    backstory that was cut.*

    Well this episode is going to piss off A LOT of people.
    – Horribly rushed pacing.
    – Shirou misrepresentation again with having Rin talk to him as passive
    idiot, while most of moments where Shirou talks about RIn’s flaws are cut.
    – 99% of episode is pointless filler that serves no purpose. 99% of episode
    was basically the show beating us over the head with “Caster’s former
    master is awful”. One line would have sufficed for that.
    – Most of backstory that should have made us like medea is cut. Why cut
    something that isIMPORTANT and would help the story only to replace it with
    padding that serves no purpose? As it stands, most of her important
    characterization, backstory, likeability, ideals and goals are missing. She
    is one note fodder villain in anime.
    – Horrible racist stereotypes of middle easterners as ‘rich harem owning
    egoistic women beaters with personal armies”.
    – Horribly unfitting tone shifts in the episode(Shinji gag > OH LOOK

  10. during the conversation between casters old master and kotomine it is said
    that lancers master is a part of the magic association and is a women (just
    food for thought)

  11. Poor Shinji…………………………….. I THINK NOT. That guy can
    suffer for the rest of eternity, hell I would sell my soul to make it

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