Disney Lyrics

Disney Lyrics

Disney Lyrics.


John Allsopp author of the popular website Orlando Florida Holidays.com receives a lot of mail from all quarters of the globe for information about Disney World Orlando.


One of the many requests has included Walt Disney biography Disney Tickets and Disney Hotels. John’s readership is wide and varied, however mothers of small children attempting to get an insight into Disney, make up a fare proportion of John’s readers.


John said I often hear parents singing popular Disney songs along with their children when visiting Disney, songs and characters make Disney what it is, a wonderful fun highly entertaining holiday venture. Many of us reading this article can probably remember singing Hi Ho, the song made famous in that classic fairy tale by Disney-Snow White.


Snow white and the seven dwarfs are highlighted on John Allsopp’s website under Disney Characters, you can read about many of the more popular Disney Characters and some of the history behind them, Pluto Mickey Mouse Donald Duck are always favorites and these pages seem to get quite a lot of attention.


I love to hear the sweet sounding voice of Snow White as she toils along with her chores, one of John’s readers commented, it sounds just like a little princess should sound when having time to herself. There is a new video remix on John Allsopp’s website showing Snow white singing.


A page dedicated to some of the songs you hear when watching Snow White and the seven dwarfs is included in John’s site, read the words, they are very funny but clever, and they seem to fit the cartoon to a tee. There is more to come, John will be uploading more Disney Lyrics from other well known Disney Cartoons.


Disney Lyrics and Disney Characters are major parts in the Disney World fun clock, I think of them as cogs all working together to keep this unique machine rolling along. Many readers have asked if I plan to sell Disney Collectables, well the answer is yes, keep watching Orlando Florida Holidays.com for more Disney, it will just make you smile.

By  John Allsopp



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