Cologne That is the Perfect Holiday Gift For Him

Cologne That is the Perfect Holiday Gift For Him

Imagine, if you will, walking down the street on a warm spring day. You pass by a bakery and suddenly you are reminded of being in your family kitchen as a child. But it isn’t just a general memory inspired by the scent of baking bread. You remember a specific day. You remember what your mother was wearing. You remember what time of day it was. You remember how it felt.

There are all sorts of times in our lives when a smell will bring up a memory. You will be going about your daily business and all of a sudden you realize that a certain smell has conjured up a familiar memory.

This is because the sense of smell is the sense most closely tied to memory. That is because your olfactory bulb (related to sense of smell) is a part of your brain’s limbic system. Your brain’s limbic system is tied so closely to your memory that scientists often refer to it as your “emotional brain.”

When you are young is when you encounter most smells for the first time. That is why your brain conjures up those memories. If you smelled something for the first time as a teenager, you might recall those years if you smell it again later. In fact, infants who are exposed to things like cigarette smoke, alcohol, or even garlic while they are still in the womb will prefer this smells when they get older.

Scent is an important part of our lives, and it changes with the seasons. The smell of new life in the spring is vastly different than the smell of leaves in the fall. Winter, as well, has its own distinct smell.

The smell of winter can often be depressing. It brings up memories of short, cold days and time spent indoors. That is why when winter rolls around, selecting the right cologne is even more important.

During the holiday season, putting on a nice cologne can bring up great memories, rather than allowing the natural smell of a world in hibernation rule your day. And for people who pass by you, the scent of your distinctive cologne will create new memories for them. So whether you are looking for new cologne for yourself, or maybe even for cologne that is perfect for a friend or family member, these options might be the right choice for this holiday season.

Ed Hardy Men’s Love & Luck EDT Spray

In Stephen King’s book, “The Shining,” the smell of oranges is tied to a premonition of future events. But in Ed Hardy’s Love & Luck Spray cologne, the smell of oranges is tied in with a variety of other scents to produce a daring and fresh fragrance.

The inspiration for this exciting smell comes from both the exciting nightlife of Tokyo, and also from Asian-inspired tattoo art. The modern, bold, and dynamic smell is created from a unique blending of orange, mandarin, bergamot, cardamom, sage, absinthe, violet, cypress, musk, dark vetiver, agarwood, and cedar wood. Make a bold choice this holiday season and conjure the smell of the orient with Ed Hardy’s Love & Luck Spray.

Sean John I Am King Of The Night Men’s EDT Spray

In the cold months of winter it is all too often that we spend weeks just hanging around inside the house. It gets dark so early that we often opt to just sit home and watch a movie rather than to go out and explore the world around us.

It is hard to blame someone for this though. Those short winter days are a drag, and sometimes we need a few months to stay indoors, work on a project, and reenergize for the spring. But that is only acceptable if we do make it out a few times a month to have some fun.

Sean John’s I Am King of the Night cologne is perfect for getting amped to go out for a night on the town. This exotic spray combines tangerine zest, succulent cranberry, and juicy orange for an exciting and cultivated smell. However, it also adds labdanum extract, sandlewood, and vetiver to balance all of this out. Get out and see the world with Sean John I Am King Of The Night Men’s EDT Spray.

Armani Attitude Men’s EDT Spray

Sometimes all you need to get what you want is the right attitude. That is the idea behind this exciting fragrance from Giorgio Armani Code.

Attitude has a smooth and intense odor that has timeless hints of lavender, coffee, ceylan, patchouli and more. Reach for the stars with Attitude by Giorgio Armani.

Make this holiday season one that you will never forget. Give yourself and someone you love the gift of one of these luxurious colognes for men.

Noah Kennedy is a freelance writer who writes about beauty and fashion products such as Armani Code.

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