Best First Pocket Knife Ever! | Week One Wednesday Ep. 1

This week on our Monthly live show we talk about the best first pocket knife. Week One Wednesday (WOW) is Sponsored by WE Knives. Check them out here:

Knives in order of appearance:

Apurvis Progeny:

BRS Fragment:

Boker OTF:

Boker Kwaiken Death Dealer:

Opinel #6:

Gerber Paraframe:

Victorinox Tinker:

WE Knife Bishop:

CRKT Pilar:

Ontario Rat Model 2:

Civivi Baklash:

Kershaw Blur:

Spyderco Delica:

Benchmade Bugout:

Spyderco Military:

Kizer Isham Soze:

Lionsteel Rok:

Protech TR-3 Elite:

Guardian Tactical Recon-35:

WE Knives Scamp:

Byrd Meadowlark:

CRKT Drifter:

Bear Ops Bear Song II:

Kershaw Shuffle II:

WE Knives Deacon:

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