Beauty and Hygiene On The Go: Easy Ways To Travel And Still Look Fabulous

Beauty and Hygiene On The Go: Easy Ways To Travel And Still Look Fabulous

The dread having to figure out how tote toiletries in a compact yet easily accessible fashion makes most of us simply do without our favorite beauty essentials. The time wasted with packing and unpacking full-sized bottles, or worse yet, spending money on travel-sized imitation products leave us unsatisfied and angry that we don’t have what we need on hand to make us look and feel our best.

Follow these quick and easy tips and you’ll never have to travel on that cross-country flight or jet to an after-work dinner date or back to the office after a lunchtime workout without access to the products and toiletries you need the most.

~ If your favorite shampoo, conditioner, lotion, aftershave or mouthwash doesn’t come in a travel size or is too expensive to purchase, fill and pack Nalgene’s 1 or 2oz round bottles, vials or jars. Leak-proof, bpa-free and inexpensive, there’s even a dropper-style bottle great for contact solution or hair smoothing serums.

~ Always stash extra mints in your purse, car console or gym bag for situations where whipping out mouthwash or a toothbrush isn’t possible. Gum can melt and stick to the inside of gym bags or a briefcase and is hard to get rid of. Altoids Smalls are potent yet compact enough for even the smallest of evening bags or the inside of suit pocket.

~ It’s never a good situation when toilet paper is missing from the airport or airplane stall. While pocket-sized tissues are the perfect size for a sneeze, Charmin now makes a travel-sized compact role of bathroom tissue. Stash a roll in a carry-on for long cross-country or international flights and then put it in a purse during long days of sightseeing or shopping away from a hotel.

~ T3 makes an incredible line of compact hairdryers and straighteners with built in power converters so there’s no need for the additional bulkiness of a separate converter. Powerful yet efficient, save money by using them as your daily go-to hair styling tools

~ Perfume and cologne – when available in travel sizes – is expensive. Bottles are made so that most cannot be refilled, but now, thanks to atomizers that not only easily fill with your favorite fragrance and are compact enough for stashing in a gym bag, purse, carry on or briefcase, you’ll never have to be without your favorite scents. Both the Flo and the Travalo are ideal for this purpose and fit into the even the smallest of evening bags.

~ Lipsticks are hard to prevent from melting and when you want to have a few colors handy, multiple color palettes are the best way to go. But if your favorite lipstick has broken in the tube or is down to a hard-to-apply nub, before tossing it out, use a toothpick or the end of a dinner knife to scoop out the remaining portion into one of Nalgene’s snap closure leak-proof vials. Also ideal for blush or eye shadows that have broken apart, these vials are easy to stash. Apply contents with a lip or small eye or blush brush and save both space and pennies by not throwing out valuable amounts of your favorite cosmetics.

So before your next flight or week of work or workouts begins, invest a small amount of time and money in these easy to use products and tips. You’ll always look and feel your best on the go and wonder why you ever used to be without your favorite products.

TRAVALO TUTORIAL - Refillable Travel Perfume di Sephora by Cris

Tutorial sul Travalo di Sephora, porta profumo portatile da borsetta

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