A Few Things about Womens Fragrances and Perfumes

A Few Things about Womens Fragrances and Perfumes

Women’s fragrances and perfumes are all designed to stir a sense of feeling and emotion with each and every smell that has been created. Memories, thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions are all intrinsically tied in to a sense of smell and if you are able to tie that into a specific smell, you will be able to illicit that feeling, emotion or response whenever it is smelt. For that reason it is important for people to choose a specific fragrance for themselves so that people learn to identify that smell with who you are. Some people might disagree with that saying that they prefer a variety of fragrances to wear throughout the week. The whole idea being that you can have different fragrances to go with different outfits for example, but you have to realise that each one is chemically designed for a specific skin type.

You seldom find fragrances that are suited for everyone and the only time that there is one, is when it is designed so. Womens fragrances and perfumes have been modified and changed over the years and have evolved from being pure oils and natural essences extracted directly from the source, to becoming complete synthetic chemicals that are constructed in a laboratory. Chemists are able to manufacture smells on a large scale and have them shipped to bottling plants where the liquid perfume is bottled into its fancy bottles before being packaged and shipped off to which country has decided to buy them. In fact, they are so good and so advanced with the chemistry these days that they can reproduce virtually any smell you can think of by simply taking a sample of the existing one and determining its exact composition. Once they know what the chemical compound is that makes the smell the way it is, they then set about creating specific chemical compounds that can be bonded together to for the same or similar chemical structures to the smells they are trying to duplicate. The result is usually a pretty good resemblance of the actual smell. Sometimes you get something better and other times you end up with something almost unbearable and so noxious that you can’t eat for a week. That’s where knowing your chemistry well comes in and why they get paid so well to do what they do.

Now that you have a breakdown of how they came about and what has become of them since then, you can go about your regular business of sniffing away to find that perfect smell.

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