All About Walt Disney

All About Walt Disney

Walt Disney was born December 5 1901, Chicago Illinois, USA.

Died December 15 1966, Los Angeles California, USA.
Walt Disney’s Father was Elias Disney, his Mother was Flora Call Disney and his Wife was Lillian Disney.
Walt Disney was an American film producer, a director, a screen writer, a voice actor, an animator and a philanthropist.
The Walt Disney Company today, the company he co-founded, has annual revenues of an estimated US $ 30 billion, but how did that all happen? Well read on to find out a little more all about Walt Disney.
Born in Chicago, at age 5, Walt Disney moved to a farm near Marceline, Missouri. Here Disney loved to draw and play with his younger sister Ruth, in the pond, with the animals, in the trees.
In 1910 Walt Disney moved to Kansas City and began attending the Benton Grammar School. He graduated June 8 1911. In 1917 he began freshman year at McKinley High School, Chicago, Illinois and also enrolled in a night course at Chicago Art Institute.

At the age of 16 Walt Disney dropped out of school to join the Army but as he was too young he instead joined the Red Cross with a birth certificate forged by his mother (to make him 17 and not 16). He drove an ambulance in France covered in Disney characters.
In 1922 Walt started “Laugh-O-Grams”, selling short animated films to local companies in Kansas. The company ended but Walt still had the work he had begun on The Alice Comedies.
In Los Angeles Walt Disney set up “Disney Brother’s Studio”. He hired Lillian Bounds to ink and paint celluloid and she later became his wife. They married July 15 1925.
Mickey Mouse was created in 1928, his birthday be November 18, the release date of Steamboat Willie. He was originally named “Mortimer” but later christened “Mickey Mouse” by Lillian Disney. Mickey changed to color in 1935 and soon gained supporting characters like Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto. In 1932 Disney received a special Academy Award for Mickey Mouse’s creation.
Walt Disney worked on Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs from 1934 until 1937. This was the first animated feature animation in English and also Technicolor. The premier was December 21 1937 with a standing ovation. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs became the most successful motion picture of 1938 and earned over $ 8 which today would be $ 98. Walt Disney then completed Pinocchio, Fantasia and Bambi.

Walt Disney started to draw plans for Disneyland, California, USA in the last 1940s. It opened July 17 1955 and is still open today. It is now called Disneyland Park and has been since 1998.
In 1964, Mary Poppins, Walt Disney’s most successful film of the 60s was released.
Walt Disney World Resort, Florida began construction in 1967 and opened in 1971.
Walt Disney sadly died of lung cancer, after years of chain smoking, in 1966. His brother, Roy O. Disney carried on with the Florida project but died in 1971, just months after it opened.
Today, the Walt Disney Company owns, among other assets, two water parks, eleven theme parks, five vacation resorts, thirty nine hotels, eight motion picture studios, six record labels, eleven cable television networks, and one terrestrial television network.

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Top 10 BEST Disney Hollywood Studios Secrets! | Disney-MGM Studios History

Top 10 Disney-Disney Hollywood Studios Secrets & Facts! Today, we’re taking a look behind the scenes at the Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park at Walt Disney World, sharing the best history & facts about Disney MGM Studios. From Disney rides like Tower of Terror and Muppet Vision 3-D to extinct attractions like the Streets of America and the Backlot Tour, to the largest hidden Mickey at Walt Disney World! Disney-MGM Studios opened on May 1st, 1989 and used to be home to a working film studio. Over the years the park has seen a lot of changes including the loss of the working production studio, and more recently the construction of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Toy Story Land and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway! DON’T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** ► ◄

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#8- Walt Disney’s Airplane
#7- Key Under the Mat (Muppet Vision 3-D)
#6- The Chinese Theatre
#5- Largest Hidden Mickey
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#3-Theatre of the Stars (Beauty and the Beast)
#2- Pull the Rope- Indiana Jones
#1- Tower of Terror

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“Pull the Rope at Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Hollywood Studios Disney World” -
“Key under the mat at Muppetvision 3D”-
MGM and Magic Kingdom 1990-
“1991 Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage TV segment from Disney World Xmas Parade” -

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Disney Cruise: The Different Choices You’ll Have if You Set Sail on a Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise: The Different Choices You’ll Have if You Set Sail on a Disney Cruise

Everyone wants a little magic in their vacation and when it comes to kids and travel, that magic usually involves Disney. While millions have enjoyed the Disney parks for decades, nearly a decade ago, fans of the world’s most famous mouse began to discover the joys of cruising with Disney. A Disney cruise offers the ultimate in cruise experiences and with ships named “Magic” and “Wonder”, who could go wrong?

The Walt Disney Corporation took the plunge into the world of cruising in 1998 when it introduced its first ship. With Mickey at the bow, the Disney Magic was enthusiastically received and cruise and Disney aficionados alike began singing the praises of these wonderful voyages, which bring smiles to the faces of everyone who steps on board, regardless of age. The Wonder was christened a year later and the Disney cruise quickly became one of the most popular in the industry.

With the name Disney, of course, comes impeccable service and attention to detail. Whether it’s that never-ending smile on the face of your cabin steward or the eager-to-please server at one of the three themed restaurants on the ship, a Disney cruise offers the amazing and friendly service you’ve come to expect from the Disney name.

The ships themselves are quite lovely. Built in Italy, they’re nearly a thousand feet long and boast 875 Disney-themed (yet elegant) cabins. Nearly three-quarters of the cabins feature an outside view.

But most visitors don’t return again and again for the pretty and spacious cabins. For the children, it’s all about them! Nearly every cruise line that welcomes families offers a children’s activities program, but the Disney Cruise line goes several steps further in offering a 24-hour-a-day Disney-esque atmosphere that will delight kids from toddlers to teens.

Three levels of kid’s programs are offered on the Disney cruise ships. The Oceaneer Club, housed in a replica of Captain Hook’s ship, caters to young ones up to age 7 and offers everything from crafts and movies to lots of interactive play. The Oceaneer Lab keeps pre-teens happy, with science experiments, animation lessons, and much more. Teens have a place or two all to themselves and many new friendships are formed while hanging out at “The Stack” or “Aloft”, teen-only domains that keep them dancing, watching movies, or playing Disney-approved video games. Parents can rest assured that attentive, trained staff will keep the kids entertained and safe all day long.

Equally as many adults, however, sing the praises of a Disney cruise. Disney doesn’t skimp on their amenities for mature travelers, offering top-notch spas and fitness centers for a little body-pampering, salons, and adult-only pools and hot tubs, surrounded by a poolside bar where adults can enjoy a cool afternoon drink. The myriad of children’s activities offered onboard also give parents plenty of “alone time”, if so desired.

Of course, you’ll never know when Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Goofy, or the rest of the Disney gang will show up to frolic with you or your kids, so you’ll want to have your camera ready to capture those perfect Disney cruise moments whenever possible. The characters are part of the charm of a Disney excursion and you’ll find that, unlike the parks where nabbing a photo with your favorite character may involve standing in a long line, you’ll have more photo opportunities with the Disney personalities on the cruise ship.

Because Disney has maintained just two cruise ships, their itineraries aren’t as extensive as other lines, allowing them to concentrate on providing the best service possible in a specialized market without spreading themselves thin. Travelers can choose from a 3- or 4-night Bahamas cruise, 7-night voyages to the Eastern or Western Caribbean, and a 7-night land and sea package that includes 3 days in Disney World prior to the cruise. Ports of call include Nassau, Key West, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, St. Maarten, St. Thomas/St. John, and Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay. Since Disney has chosen not to add additional ships to their fleet, advanced planning is essential so as to secure a place on the Disney cruise of your choice.

John Brennan is a travel writer who enjoys spending his free time in the most beautiful vacation spots in the world. He has two kids and a loving wife and cute little dog name Elfie.

He has two Disney websites:

Disney Vacation Time [] – Disney travel [] information regarding places to stay, where to eat, and how to save money while down in America’s favorite vacationland.

Disney Princess Pictures – Come and check out a huge variety of Disney pictures ranging from Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs to Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

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Beauty and the Beast Piano Collection for RELAXING and Studying

1.Snow White Medley 0:00
2.Cinderella Medley 03:05
3.I See The Light / Tangled 06:55
4.Out There 10:27
5.Reflection 13:07
6.True Loves Kiss 16:35
7.Steamboat Willie 19:17
8.Minnie’s Yoo Hoo. 21:43
9.A Smile and a Song 23:18
10.The Second Star To The Right 25:11
11.Littel Mermaid Medley 29:10
12.Beauty and the Beast 38:28
13.Arabian Night 41:10
14.Proud of Your Boy 42:20
15.A Whole New World 44:52
16.Color Of The Wind 47:36
17.Someday 51:12
18.Go The Distance 54:14
19.When She Loved Me 57:13
20.Magical Moment 01:00:24
21.Season Of Heart 01:04:02
22.Do You Want To Build A Snowman 01:08:19
22.For The First Time In Forever 01:12:00
23.Love Is An Open Door 1:15:37
24.In Summer 01:17:18
25.Let It Go(Original Arranged Version)01:19:01
26.Bella Notte Original Orchestra Arranged ver 01:23:14…
27.A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes Original Arranged ver. 01:27:00

All songs arranged and played by kno
Twitter @knopiano

Disney Parks Exclusive “Nightmare Before Christmas” Sally Ears Headband

Disney Parks Exclusive “Nightmare Before Christmas” Sally Ears Headband

Disney Parks Exclusive

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Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Mouse Ears. New Disney Parks Authentic Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Mouse Ears. These mouse ears are a must have for anyone who likes the movie. Makes a great gift! The details are wonderful. They are soft and stitched. The coloring is gorgeous. The Bow is the same fabric design as Sally’s dress. The small piece cinching the bow is typical goth fashion!

List Price: $ 32.50

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